Anti-Aging Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelifts

"Micro-current is one of my top requested services! It's safe, proven, and effective for looking younger without having surgery." Teresa Paquin


Microcurrent uses low-level electrotherapy to help tone the muscles in the skin, as well as increase circulation to help achieve a more youthful appearance. Throughout the human body, there are naturally occurring electric currents that aid in the repair and regeneration. These currents can essentially turn on a process in the body--similar to the way electricity in general can turn on a light or radio. Microcurrent mimics a very low level of electrical energy to stimulate the body's tissues for rejuvenation, healing and repair. The electric current works on the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to stimulate cellular activity. ATP is the basic source of energy that is synthesized from nutrients through the process of cellular respiration. Biological processes--including tissue repair and collagen and elastin synthesis--are dependent on ATP. Microcurrent also uses the energy to stimulate muscles in a specific pattern. The idea is to retrain the muscles while strengthening them with repeated treatments. Cumulative services are needed to see lasting results, but results for skin tightening are often seen.

Non-surgical Face&Necklift
Anika signature facial treatment, this non-invasive facelift utilizes world-renowned European technology to help stimulate and re-educate facial muscles so they behave more youthfully. A visibly more firm, toned and contoured appearance is unveiled after one treatment. Repeated treatments are recommended for optimal results.

60 minutes $95.00 face & neck
45 minutes $75.00 Face (Turbolift)


Non Surgical Facelift and Ultrasound
The Electro-Stim Lifting Facial is paired with a Ultrasonic pore cleansing treatment to purify the skin of pollutants and environmental build-up. Instantly tightens pores and minimizes their appearance over time. Ideal treatment for skin showing signs of loss of elasticity, fatigue and dullness. Repeated treatments are recommended for optimal results.

90 minutes $165.00