Testimonials For Anika Skincare Facial Services, Beauty Products and On-line store

Dr. Laura Steven Chan - ND, LA 

The Pure Essentials skin care line is truly fantastic. As a consumer who cares deeply about the quality of ingredients I put in and on my body, I love these products. Not only does my skin look and feel fantastic after using them, but I also know that I'm using safe, high quality ingredients that will truly nourish my skin.
In just a few weeks of using these products, I have noticed that the darker spots on my face have lightened, my skin tone is more even, and the circles under my eyes have faded. I would recommend Pure Essentials to anyone who really cares about their skin and the quality of the products they use! I'd also recommend getting a personal consult from Teresa herself. Not only is she a lovely person, but she's also very knowledgeable about individualized skin care.

Janice Long- Google review

I have been a client of Anika Skincare for many years. Teresa is highly professional, knowledgeable and ethical. The products she uses are high quality. I recently tried the Micro Current treatment. The difference in my skin was night and day. My skin changed from being dull and saggy to more vibrant and firmer. For me this lasted about three weeks. I felt more confident and attractive. One of my friends even commented on how much younger I was looking two days after the treatment. I highly recommend this treatment. It’s pleasant and relaxing. The results are amazing.

 Megan Ward - Google Review

Teresa is an extremely knowledgeable and amazing lady! She is always a pleasure to work with. I have been using the Essential Dermaceuticals cleanser and Calm Creme on my very sensitive skin and I can see significant improvements in my skin's complexion.

Gina had also done a makeup application for me and I absolutely loved the way it came out! She did an amazing job

Amanda Sampo- Google review

Teresa has not only changed my skin but also my lifestyle! I have dealt with acne for about 8 years now and could never figure out how to change it, even though I tried so many things. With not only help with skin care she has also helped me with my diet and other habits. I have never seen results with the products I have used in the past like Teresa’s products! These products and changing my lifestyle habits have really helped me and I can finally say I am confident in my own skin. Every time I go see Teresa she always has something so interesting and so helpful to tell me. I am truly grateful and thankful that I have Teresa!

Linda Jaques- Google review

I absolutely Love the MDlift. I have seen amazing results
And the Essential Dermaceutical products are even better than RX topicals I have tried.Anikas is very clean, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend.


Christine Fox - Google review

I love Anika Skin Care and Makeup. I cannot say enough about Teresa and the products she has created and offers. I wholeheartedly trust Teresa. She is an expert--deeply knowledgeable, a professional, and a kind, caring person. Teresa's approach is one about wellbeing which is shown in her care and services as well as her high quality products. I highly value her natural approach with safe, non-toxic products. I keep going back and keep buying her products because I notice the results of improved, healthier skin. She has helped me with eczema around my eyes -- which transformed my life. I was treating it with chemicals and getting no where and when I saw Teresa about it, she got me to feel "normal" again without the itching and irritation. I am deeply thankful for all that Teresa has done. Thank you, Teresa!


Kylie Letendre - Google review
I first went to Teresa with low self confidence and persistent, painful acne and scarring covering my face. I had tried everything to clear my acne and nothing worked until I went to see Teresa. Her caring personality made me immediately feel comfortable, and I could tell she really had the knowledge to fix my problem. I continued to see her for 8 weeks with the LED phototherapy facials and chemical peels, and it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself. Teresa gave me my confidence back by giving me the clear skin I never thought I would have again and made me feel comfortable every step of the way.


Judy Montminy Google review
As a user of Teresa's skin care products for many years, I can say my skin has never looked better. I have lots of sun damage and I have seen a definite improvement in my skin because of the products Teresa recommends for me. Recently, I was diagnosed with lichen planus on my leg. This is a stubborn rash that is difficult to heal with strong cortisone creams according to my Doctor. I applied Ulta Barrier Protection Balm to the rash a few times a day and I can't believe the improvement within weeks! You can't find better natural skin care products anywhere.

Lin Nicolet- Pepperell, MA  Google review

recently had an anti-aging facial at Anika Skin Care. The whole experience from start to finish was phenomenal!! Teresa's vast knowledge of skin care surpasses anyone I've ever been to. Every treatment she provides is custom fit to meet your specific concerns and skin type. I went in that day with tired, sagging skin and left with a new face!! When I looked in the mirror afterwards I was amazed; not only did my skin have the most beautiful glowing color but I also saw a noticeable firmness and tightening that I didn't even think was possible after just one treatment! I highly recommend - you won't be disappointed!


Lisa Beauregard - Google review

I cannot say enough good things about Teresa! My skin was terribly irritated, with very dry eczema like spots in several places on my face. I was discouraged and feeling terrible about myself. I have now been going to Teresa for several weeks, following her advice, using her excellent products, and getting treatments from her. She is very knowledgeable, and has provided me with guidance that goes far beyond my skin. My skin is SO much better and I am so thankful to Teresa for that! I will continue down this path of healing with Teresa, not only because my skin is remarkably better, but because Teresa is a wonderful, kind person who truly cares about the people she helps.


Christine House- Google & Yelp Review

I have had trouble with acne since I was a teenager. I have tried birth control, antibiotics, retin-a, dermatologists, and several skincare professionals, but nothing has worked. Teresa at Anika Skincare has been my savior! All of my acne is completely gone!  Absolutely life changing!


Kathy Cayer- Google review

I highly recommend Teresa Paquin and Anika Skincare. Teresa is extremely knowledgable and experienced about skincare.  She is very caring and truly wants to help her clients heal and improve their skin. The Anika Skincare products and makeup feel wonderful on the skin and contain ingredients that truly nourish and hydrate your skin. The skincare services, products and education that Teresa provides to her clients sets them on the right path for excellent care and results!


 Karen Theriault: Google Review- Nashua, NH

Had an amazing massage from Connie and then a perfect eyebrow wax with Teresa today! The new location is beautiful, relaxing, spotless and professional! We can all use a little pampering right now and I highly recommend you book a session! This week they have great promotions during their grand opening week!


Shawn Kelleher - Google review

Anika beauty is the best!!! Teresa is amazing and will do everything she can to help your needs. She is very experienced in what she does and knows exactly what your skin needs!!! Her customer service goes above and beyond everytime. Everyone of the products I have used from Anika beauty is nothing like anything  have ever tried before. I've struggled with acne for a long time and on top of that I have super sensitive skin. I've never found any products in the past actually worked. I might have seen very little results but then it would dry my skin or make my skin oily or I would break out even more. Not with Anika Beauty!!! Teresa has everything I needed for my skin and for that I am so very thankful. If you've ever struggled with acne you know how hard it can be at times in so many different ways. I felt gross at times and my confidence was so low. I will forever be grateful for Anika Beauty. Thank you for everything Teresa!!!

Tracy Hollinger  Google review
Anika Skin Care is amazing. Teresa is extremely knowledgeable in both skin care and makeup. She is committed to using products that do not contain any harmful ingredients and she takes the time to research and test these products. Teresa genuinely cares about each individual client and will go to great lengths to determine the best products and treatments for that client’s specific skin care needs. You will love every treatment and the results! Highly recommend!
Barbie Breathitt -  North Richland Hills, Texas " I love these products! "


Vanessa Boilard - Google review

I have been a customer of Anika for 3 years now and I cannot explain the difference in my skin! The treatments and entire skin care line is absolutely amazing! Teresa is so very knowledgeable to say the very least! She has so many amazing ideas and knows so much about being healthy from the inside out!!

Alexandra Croteau - Google review

Seeing Teresa at Anika Skin Care & Makeup is always my personal treat. Teresa is a wealth of knowledge in regards to skin care and I always learn something new when I visit her even after the 10+ years I have seen her. Even with my world traveling, I always make a point to schedule a facial with Teresa when I’m home; leaving ready to take on my next adventure. She has seen me through my severe high school acne years and I am so grateful. I am also in love with all the products she carries and I can trust they are the highest quality. Thank you Teresa!

Cher Bourque reviewed Anika Skincare — 5 star

Facebook review

My first visit with Theresa at Anika Skincare was a year ago. I went in for a facial before Easter and I walked out with my skin looking and feeling great. I was impressed with Theresa's knowledge and the products she created. She listens and has a very caring and calming attitude. My very sensitive skin has never been better. Theresa's essential products are natural and do NOT irritate my skin. My skin has never been better and I am so pleased that I found her. I have spent too much time and money on other products that never worked or irritated my skin. l highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed.


Jamie Lynn Weymouth- Salem, NH

I have struggled with breakouts for the last number of years and have been hesitant to try too many things and spend crazy amounts of money trying everything under the sun. After following the business on FB for 6-8 months I finally reached out to Teresa. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she takes the time to talk with you, understand your habits and give you a holistic approach to your skincare. It's the first time I worked with someone who I felt cared more about my skin and well being then about selling their products. Her recommendations and product lines have started to transform my skin. My breakouts are less frequent and less severe since starting on the skincare regiment about 4-6 weeks ago. I'm so thankful to have found Teresa and plan to utilize more of her products and services as I transition to a better skincare routine!

Venessa Jacques - Hudson, NH

Teresa is amazing! She is so sweet and caring, and because of her my skin has never felt or looked better . I went to her for having mostly hormonal acne and she gave me her all natural products and my skin cleared up beautifully ! I'm so happy with my results, and I'm sure anyone who sees Teresa will be as satisfied as I am :)


Roslyne Prusak - Nashua, NH

Teresa from the moment I walked in you made me feel welcomed.. Your calm nature, the way you listen to see what my needs and concerns were was spot on...
The products had such a soothing aroma and the gentle touch made my facial experience Superb..I walked in feeling dull and walked out glowing !!! Started using the products this morning and its so easy..Can't wait to my next facial and learn more about what you have to offer..
Hope you are having a Great Day !!! 


Stacee Atkins

My name is Stacee Akins. I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and I love and use Pure Essentials Natural Skin Care by Teresa Paquin. These are wonderful, effective and thoughtfully formulated products. I especially like that the ingredients in the formulas are sourced from botanicals and are plant-based. This is a great line of skin care and I enthusiastically endorse it!


Rachel Leo Flagg -  Londonderry, NH 

Teresa recommended that I use the Triple R Serum for my hyperpigmention, and fine lines that I have been noticing. I have used it for more than a month now and love it!!! As with all of Teresa's products the ingredients are the very best and she targets ones that truly work. Having sold skin care years ago I am aware of what to look for when when buying products. Teresa has certainly gone above and beyond when doing research about ingredients and formulating her products. This serum has everything I was looking for in a product! DMAE is awesome for firming the skin and it actually works! Hyaluronic Acid is one ingredient that should be in EVERY skin care product. Vitamin C, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B3 are all such wonderful anti-aging ingredients for your skin! If you compare her products with others on the market you will find Teresa's to be all natural and formulated to be truly beneficial and getting you the results you are looking for, as opposed to other skin care companies that have ingredients in them that really have no benefit or could be harmful. Also, her price points are affordable too! Serums that contain the same ingredients sell for almost $100 plus. You cant go wrong with any of her products! Thank you Teresa! I am loving my skin!


Cindy M. - Hudson, NH

6/25/2016- 5 Star YELP - review

Teresa Is one of a kind!  I met her about a year ago and was so impressed with her knowledge of skincare.  I never really thought about how important certain ingredients were when it came to parabens, gluten and other funky chemicals that are in most skincare lines.  I have been using her skincare line for a year now and absolutely LOVE them!!  Both of my daughters have had issues with their skin (acne, eczema) and every time I go to her about what I should do she has the answer.  Her skincare line has something for everyone and they work!! I have never felt so confident in a product line as I feel for hers.  Your skin is so worth the price of buying good quality skincare.  I 100% recommend Teresa and her products!!!!!


MD, from Lexington, MA- 5 Star Yelp review

Teresa is awesome! I called to place a skincare order and she was super receptive and knowledgeable about my skin type and even threw in some samples with my order. Not to mention she shipped out my order immediately and I received it next day! Now that's customer service! I only wish I was located closer to visit her for treatments!


 Sara Theriault -Google review:

Theresa offers so many great products as well as many services. She is a professional and very knowledgeable.  Very sweet and caring!


Jamie Smith- Derry, NH ( Essential Dermaceuticals Skincare review)

I am so happy I came across Teresa's site! She has been super helpful between texts and phone calls. I finally found a skincare line that works for my sensitive rosacea skin.


Liz - NH - (Essential Dermaceuticals Skincare & Facial services review )

Teresa is amazing at diagnosing skin condition, my skin is so much smoother and more hydrated since I have been using the products she recommended.

Ellen Quennenville- Litchfield, NH

I have been using Pure Essentials for about a year and absolutely love them. I have used a few different well known brands through the years and these are far superior by far. You don't need an extensive regimen to see improvements in your skin.  My skin has never looked better and I have not had one blemish in over a year. Teresa is so wonderful and concerned about what is the best for your skin. I highly recommend these products.


Mark Steadman- Nashua, NH

 I have been using the anti-aging serum and triple R for about 2 months. People tell me my face looks younger, and I have to agree! There are a million products out there, we all know that. Pure Essentials is made from the best all-natural ingredients...Teresa has a passion about natural skin care, and I am sticking with these products. Try them yourself! By the way, I'm a 54 year old guy.


Cindi Cavanaugh Page - Tyngsboro, MA

I have been using Pure Essentials Natural Skincare products for almost a year and I'm very pleased. Because I have sensitive skin I'm extremely cautious as to what I put on my skin. I have tried many products but have been unsatisfied. Since I've been using Pure Essentials Natural Skincare products I've noticed a difference in my skin appearance and others have complimented. The Pure Essential Facial Oil hydrates my skin, doesn't irritate it and my face feels baby smooth. I love the scent, I apply it before I go to bed and it relaxes me. I highly recommend this product line. I highly recommend any of these great products.

 -Fishers, Indiana
Received my shipment of skincare and am so happy with the products!!! I had tried them at my mother's house and had to order my own!! Products were shipped quickly!! Thank you;)


Mark Buckawicki

Terrific guest service is the best way I can describe my experience with Teresa. I use the word guest intentionally because that how Teresa made me feel during the purchase process. My sweetheart LOVES Pure Essentials Natural Skin Care and I, not knowing much about skin care products but needing to select the ideal gift, was delightfully walked through all of the necessary information with Teresa. I came away with the perfect gifts for my girl and a higher understanding of premium skin care products. Thank you Teresa.


Wendy Jacoby - Leominster, MA

I recently received a facial,And All I can say is Wow, My skin was Glowing afterwards. Teresa is very knowledgeable about ingredients which is essential in knowing what you are putting on your skin. She is also extremely careful in watching your skin and seeing how it responds to treatments. I love her chair you sit in too! Super comfy. I believe she is the best in New England when it comes to doing her research on what will give you results. She is very Professional and really cares about your skin more than you do :) She is goal oriented and helps you put the best plan together for you and your skin to make it as youthful and glowing as it should! I highly recommend her!


Judith Stanford - Westford, MA I have been using Pure Essentials Anti-Aging Serum for three years now. During that time, I have had no recurrence of the mild (but annoying) excema that I had previously experienced for many years. In the past, I had to use cortisone cream every four or five weeks to keep this condition controlled. Now, I am med-free, and I think my skin looks very good for my age (early 70's). Thanks, Teresa!


Ruth Clay - Reading MA - Cannot say enough good things about Teresa's skincare and her all natural products. My skin had never looked or felt this great!  She really knows what's right for each individual person and tailors your facial accordingly- no mass produced facials here! Worth the drive!


Eileen Bowes- Nasua, NH

I love these products! I have been using Pure Essentials for the past couple of years and love the way my skin looks and feels. When I run into "old friends" whom I have not seen in years, they always commeny "You never change!" I say thank you to Anika and Pure Essentials products! :-)


Gail Morello- Nashua, NH

My skin has never felt better!


Gale Cogan - Boston, MA

Accolades to Teresa Paquin and her skin care. I have been seeing her for at least ten years. (I move to wherever she moves.)

Am in my eighties now, but constantly told that I look much younger…that is due, I firmly believe, to her wonderful knowledge of skin and its varying conditions and then ensuing remedies.

She is a miracle…knowledgable, friendly, caring.

We have recently starting working on my neck area and the results have been amazing!!!!! I repeat…….to me she is a magician…and the best ever.


Kimberly Logue Murdough, NH

I have VERY sensitive skin and I usually hate getting my brows waxed. But not with Teresa! She's excellent!


Lisa Bray, Nashua, NH

Thank you Teresa for the wonderful and beautiful makeover you did for me today. My skin feels wonderful and refreshed!


Carol Carbone Holman, Hudson, NH

NHTheresa, my skin looks and feels great It is the most relaxing treatment ever


Linda , NH

Thank you Teresa for the wonderful make up lesson! I love it! Can't wait for my husband to see it! Xxx


Faustine Erin, Pepperell, MA

I've been seeing Teresa for years she does an amazing job and has recently came out with a new skin care line called Pure Essentials. Check it out :)


Patricia G Dunegan-

Yesterday I got a terrific facial from Teresa -- my first from her. I'm a convert! I've had many, many facials before, and this was one of the top 3 in my book! She knows how to treat aging, sensitive skin, and I walked out looking better than I had in years.


Lisa Guidi McKenna, SC

I started using this skin care line 3 weeks ago and already notice a tightening in my skin and complete moisture without my skin feeling so heavy and greasy like some skin care products I have used in the past. I love that Teresa created an all natural line using all the essential oils that are so good for our skin. Teresa is such a knowledgeable skin care expert. I would highly recommend this skin care line to anyone who wants to see immediate results!!!


Linda Jacques, Hudson, NH

love it love it! Will definitely recommend! I have hyperpigmentation and I'm seeing them fade away! I've had this problem for years and this is working awesome!


Dee Vlatas, Brookline, NH

I've been using pure essentials for about a month now and love it! I especially like the eye cream, facial serum, and the restore cream. I can see the difference by recent pictures taken of myself. I would highly recommend these products.


Dawn Gross, Dunstable, MA Teresa, my skin feels amazing! Thank you for your continued care and for creating a welcoming, relaxing and nourishing place practice self care.TheRestore Creme has saved my skin! This is the first summer in eight years that I have worn sleeveless shirts and shorts in public. Pure Essentials has made a huge impact in the quality of my life! Thank you Teresa for creating this amazing, pure and effective Restore Creme to heal my skin.


Shanna Strand LaFontaine, NH

I have always had extremely sensitive skin. In fact, I can't wear eye shadow because it makes my eyes swell and become so red and irritated. I have tried hypoallergenic products but my eyes are still too sensitive. I was very reluctant to try your Anti-Aging Eye Product but I do suffer from allergies, which often leave the skin under my eyes puffy, dark, and swollen. I knew that I wanted to try something to help me with these symptoms. However, I had no idea that this product would have such a positive, immediate, and exciting result!! Not ony did it remove the puffiness under my eyes, but it also removed the dark circles under my eyes. I am so impressed that I have used it every day since. I am so pleased because this is a product that is all natural with only the finest ingredients. I just wanted to thank you. I hope that you can share my testimony with others. I have also started to use the Anti-Aging Serum for my face, hoping that it will also continue with the positive results that I have seen.

 Jenn Meyer- Online Customer  Google review:Got a package full of goodies from Anika's!. Very easy to order everything on the website. I was suprised at how fast I received the order ( faster than some of my Amazon Prime orders these days). I've had a week to try out new and repeat product's. The anti-aging cleanser and creme are my go to 's for daily. I'm loving the Ceramide -C . Trying out some of the lipgloss abd the lipsticks, I like the eco friendly packaging. And the diffuser necklace is a delight, I'm using orange oil and the necklace sits right in the heart Chakra. As alwasy there's samples of new products that are always good. I've been ordering online from Anika's for some time now and absolutley love the high quality and care that goes into all  the products. A++


Cindy –I’ve been using these products for a month and my rosacea is so improved I don’t need my rx cream! My skin is soft and smooth.


Jennifer Wolf - NH- loves Pure Essentials Lip Creme. "I like the product so much because I don't even need to use a liner to get even results from my lipstick. I always keep it with me".


Casa Da Mar Interiors I had this treatment( LymphMed) and it's immediate results skin looks rejuvenated, so relaxing! I also love my new OxyDerm, high frequency device! It works great for clearing up acne.


Michelle Schmidt, Hollis , NH

I love my Pure Essentials Natural Skincare! I received a compliment just last week from someone who said my skin looked so soft!


Anna Russo Toland, Nashua,  NH    love it , it is so soothing and moisturizing! ( Pure Essentials )


Crystal Johnson , CO This stuff is fantastic! ( Restore Crème- Pure essentials Natural Skincare )


Carol H - NH- this treatment was amazing,I feel 10 years younger and according to hubby look it too. ( LymphMed)


Sharon Ward- NH- (Pure Essentials product review) I am using this right now and it has made a world of difference on my skin after a an eczema flare up on my face. Thank you Teresa Paquin I need to get some


Phuong Le, NH ( Pure Essentials product review) I totally love it ! It's great ! Thanks Teresa


Katie Forget, Milford, NH     I love the way my skin feels !! :-)


Jennifer Shaw McComas, Nashua , NH-I have been using Pure Essentials for about 3 months now, and these products have made such a difference in the tone and texture of my skin. Recently I have been using the Renewal Serum and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product. I particularly like the consistency, it is very silky and blends nicely into the skin. I am using it with the Anti-Aging moisturizer, and at this point I don't even have to wear makeup - my skin tone is just that good! Most folks can't tell when I am wearing a foundation they don't notice a difference. One other huge benefit that I have noted in the last couple of months is a decrease in breakouts, this is not common for me particularly around this time of year.

 Patricia Mackey - Nashua, NH - Great product. I love how my skin feels and look amazing!!!'

Jeanne Costello - Maine  Anika Skincare offers great products locally made with the best healthiest ingredients. My favorite is the Anti Aging Serum, I love that one. Thank you Teresa for making these products available