Microcurrent Anti aging facial treatments. What are they and how do they improve the skin? Advanced microcurrent available at Anika Skincare and Makeup , Hudson, NH

Microcurrent facials. What are they and what are the skin benefits?

March 07, 2022


Microcurrent. What is it and what are its benefits?


Microcurrent is a new advanced facial treatment that works to stimulate the facial muscles using a small electrical current. It is an easy, noninvasive, and pain-free method to help bring back or maintain youthful, glowing skin. Microcurrent works with the body's natural ability to re-energize the skin cells with the additional help of cellular energy. It is a facial treatment that is definitely worth including in your routine and if that doesn’t convince you enough, let’s discuss all the benefits of a microcurrent treatment.



  1. Acts as a face lift, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Improves circulation in the face
  3. Helps clear up and reduce acne
  4. Lifts the eyebrows and cheeks
  5. Treats sun damage
  6. Penetrates products better
  7. Improves skin pigmentation
  8. Smoothes and firms skin
  9. Hydrates and revitalizes skin
  10. Increases ATP (ATP is the energy of the cell)
  11. Increases the natural production of collagen
  12. Improves elasticity


Microcurrent does all of these wonderful things for the skin and the best part is that it's non irritating. It is one of the most gentle treatments options and is a very relaxing way to rejuvenate the skin.


Boost of Collagen


Our skin naturally produces collagen but as we age, that natural production starts to slow down. With the increase of ATP in our cells, our skin is able to actively create more collagen which helps keep our skin looking its best! Microcurrent recharges our skin cells with natural energy and increases collage. Collagen is responsible for giving us that plump, youthful look so this increase in production is so important for aging skin.


Combination of Treatments


Another wonderful thing about microcurrent is that it can be used in addition to other treatments like LED light therapy. And by doing so, you only increase the effectiveness of the treatments. It is also compatible with other facial treatments like microdermabrasion and radio frequency.


Anika Beauty offers all of these facial treatments and more! If you're interested in maintaining or getting back that fresh, youthful, glowing skin visit https://www.anikabeauty.com/ and book your appointment today.