Facial Skincare Services - All Skin Types

"The mission is to give clients the opportunity to look and feel their absolute best" Teresa Paquin

          Hudson, NH Location-  Services are scheduled by  appointment only Tuesday through Saturday.  No walk-in's please     


Teresa Paquin- Licensed Aesthetician/ Makeup Artist

Anika Skincare and makeup offers personalized skincare treatments using state of the art technologies and customized active ingredients to naturally improve appearance without going to extremes for all skin types.

All facial treatments are customized for each client's skincare concerns. Treatments may include the use of High Frequency, LymphMed, Ultrasonic, Micro-current for Anti- Aging Non -Surgical Face and Neck lifts. Depending on skin type and skincare concerns, one or more of these technologies may be used. For appointments please call 603.595.0224. 


Classic- 1 Hour / $85.00 

For all skin types. Great for a person having a first time facial! Skin will be evaluated, and skincare concerns taken in to consideration. Client will be provided with both a homecare & professional treatment plan to help them achieve their flawless best!


For acne treatments, please go to LymphMed link.

Acne Clearing/Detox treament- $125.00

1/2 Hour LymphMed -(For acne clearing series and all skin types)- $55.00

The Micro Dermabrasion Alternative! Advanced Ultra Sound! Experience the visible results with the advanced skincare Ultrasound treatment.

This gentle facial treatment is suitable for all skin types. It is a state of the art technique that offers a gentle non-invasive peel without the use of chemicals or crystals.

Ultrasonic also delivers a deeper penetration of nutrient rich ingredients into the skin along with increasing the cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis in the skin. Featured on the “The Dr’s television show”


Age Renewal- 1 Hour $125.00 See visible results in one session! Excellent to do as an anti aging treatment and before special events! 


Ultrasonic Facials: 45 Minutes / $90 to $115.00 - Suitable for Normal, Sensitive/Rosacea, and Acne skin types.


                                             Age Reversal Treatments


Diamond Glow Express

During this service your skin is cleansed, tones, and prepped for the Diamond Glow Peel. Skin is exfoliated using a professional exfoliating tool that gently eliminates dry dead skin cells, sun damaged aging skin. It also improves the appearance of acne scarring. This is a thirty minute service. Can be done alone or in a series, depending on skin concerns.



Diamond Glow & Lymph Med

This service combines all the benefits of the Diamond Glow Express with an organic crème, plus all the benefits of the Lymph Med, and skin specific serums with Ultrasonic. Skin will be deeply cleansed, and visibly improved.  50 minute service/ $110.00

Lymph biology helps:

  • Stimulate the elimination of waste products resulting from cellular metabolism.
  • Improve the distribution of nourishing ingredients.
  • Prevent the lymph from stagnating and producing unsightly swelling of the tissues.
  • Improves cellular growth or regeneration
  • Improves skin tone texture and hydration
  • Beautify the overall appearance of the skin
  • Lower the responses of the Sympathetic Nervous System


The Ultimate Age Reversal Diamond Glow    (Top requested service)

This facial service provides all the benefits of the Diamond Glow Peel, Lymph Med,

Ultrasonic, and highly advanced delivery system of advanced peptides, collagen,

botanical, hydrators, and anti-oxidants. Leaving skin visibly improved, hydrated, facial lines less visible, and brighter complexion. 95 minute service $145.00. This can be done alone as a monthly age reversal facial, or in a series, depending on skin type.


For a complete menu of Non-surgical micro current treatments please go to micro current link on home page.