Essential Dermaceuticals Advanced Clinical Skincare Anika skincare is proud to announce the development of an extraordinary, advanced clinical skincare line called “Essential Dermaceuticals.” This line features FDA-approved products that use safe ingredients in a unique and revolutionary way. The Essential Dermaceuticals line is a clinical-grade collection made with a blend of peptides and plant stem cells. These peptides and stem cells deliver multi-layer fortification to the skin. Products also contain innovative skin conditioners to enhance the skin's natural self-repair process.

The Essential Dermaceuticals line offers visual improvements for immediate and long-term benefits. It can help with a range of skin issues including rosacea, sensitive skin, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

This line is suitable for all skin types. Our products use eco-responsible manufacturing and are paraben-free and cruelty-free. All ingredients are plant-based, not derived from humans or animals. We research and test all products and use safe formulations with no harmful ingredients. Products contain the highest amount of active ingredients to allow for visual results. We make all products fresh from the lab, so they are not sitting on retail shelves for years. Products are good for one year from the manufacturing date. Please note: If any product is unavailable, please allow up to 4 weeks for restocking.

To ensure that we provide you with the freshest products, we make small batches. We take special interest in supplying clients with quality products.

Essential Dermaceuticals Advanced Clinical Skincare is:

● An intensive, clinical-grade collection of skincare, developed by a group of scientists and a cosmetic surgeon

● Formulated with a sophisticated blend of peptides and plant stem cells

● Full of safe, scientific-grade ingredients

● Products offer accelerated visual improvement for both immediate and long-term benefits

● Suitable for all skin types including rosacea, sensitive, aging/mature, hyperpigmented, and acne

● Paraben-free

● Cruelty-free

● Plant-based ingredients

● Clinically tested active ingredients

● Highest load of active ingredients in all products

● No human or animal-derived ingredients

● Made in small batches

● Products tested for purity and are good for one year from the date they were made