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What is LED Light therapy? From anti- aging to hair restoration, to pain management

March 23, 2022



What is Led light therapy? 


Led light therapy is probably something you’ve heard of and are interested in but know nothing about. It is currently a very popular facial treatment that utilizes exactly what you think it would: LED lights. Now, this isn’t the same lights that are currently used as decorations in every teenager’s room. These lights are based on light emitting diode technology and they help promote a natural photo biochemical reaction similar to how photosynthesis works. LEDs have been demonstrated to improve cellular metabolism, speed up the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and increase the creation of collagen, which is the cornerstone of healthy, smooth skin. 


Light therapy, which can be provided by light emitting diode (LED) devices is used in a wide range of medicinal applications. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are increasingly using this clinically validated approach as a non-invasive therapeutic approach for the treatment and healing of skin, wound diseases, and pain relief. 


Light therapy is also commonly referred to as photo biostimulation, photo biomodulation, photomedicine, LED light therapy, low-level light therapy, red light therapy.  All these terms mean the same thing and describe the treatment that delivers energy to help with a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions. Light therapy has been widely researched and is highly supported by many. It is a safe, noninvasive, painless, and trusted treatment that has an endless list of benefits. Light therapy is also safe for all skin types. 


Recommended brands for light therapy 


Celluma has been cleared by the FDA for pain management, skin conditions, and hair restoration. The Celluma LED light therapy devices work to improve cellular health by using specific wavelengths of energy. This energy helps accelerate the repair process and replenish compromised tissue cells. There are a lot of devices on the market that claim to do the same things, however, they often require multiple parts to effectively treat certain conditions. Celluma SERIES offers compact handheld devices and large full-body therapy devices to treat many skin concerns as well as muscle or joint pain.  Cellumas treatments are available at Anika Skincare in Hudson, NH.


LightStim is another trustworthy brand that simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths of light. These wavelengths of light work together to address skin concerns and give your skin a more radiant and youthful appearance. LightStim is FDA cleared and utilizes targeted UV-free light therapy. They even offer handheld devices so you can get professional strength treatments at home.  Anika retails Lightstim handhelds and also offer professional treatments at Anika Skincare, Hudson, NH.


Anika Skincare also retails:

These are powerful cordless green and red led light for pigmentation , acne and aging. red can be also used for hair restoration

The Illuminate LED Disk by Aesthetic Skin Systems


What does LED light therapy treat? 


LED light therapy can help treat a variety of skin concerns including:

  • Hair loss 
  • Mild to moderate acne
  • Rosacea 
  • Sun damage 
  • Wounds 
  • Wrinkles  


Benefits of LED light therapy 


There are so many benefits to LED light therapy, and different LED light colors do different things. There are, however, many benefits that remain consistent amongst all LED light therapy. These benefits include: 


  • Reversing sun damage 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Reducing wrinkles 
  • Wound healing 
  • Scar reduction 
  • Killing bacteria 
  • Improves metabolism 
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Promotes elastin production for tighter skin 
  • Cell regeneration and renewal 
  • Eases swollen capillaries 
  • Increases lymphatic flow 


Maximizing effectiveness 


As with anything else, the more you do it and the more you commit to it, the better your results will be. Consistency is key and we can’t promise you will have the results you desire from only one treatment. You will definitely see an improvement after a single treatment, but to maximize the effectiveness, you should make the effort to continue treatments.  


LED light therapy typically takes 20 minutes for a session to be visibly effective and it can take several more treatments to achieve desired results. For optimal results, Anikabeauty recommends a series. We offer 30-minute sessions, and the frequency will depend on your personal needs and concerns.  Different skin concerns will require different approaches with LED light therapy, so it is important to get in touch with an esthetician to discuss your options and the best protocol for you to get your desired results.   


Contact Anikabeauty today to book an LED phototherapy facial and start your journey towards healthy, happy skin!