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Anti-aging and LED Light Therapy - Anika Skincare answers questions

March 29, 2022


Anti-aging and LED Light Therapy



Are you someone looking for a way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles? Maybe you’re young and just looking to combat the early stages of the aging process? It may seem like the only way to reverse the effects of aging is plastic surgery or face lifts. But these methods are costly, painful, and require timely recovery. Lucky for you, LED light therapy is a natural, pain-free way to get that youthful bounce, back in your skin. For as long as anyone can remember, humans have been looking for ways to minimize the effects of aging. Many spas and wellness centers offer specific treatments for anti-aging, with the newest, most popular one being LED red light therapy. This method is a safe and effective way to reverse those unavoidable effects of aging.



LED Red Light Therapy



There are many different wavelengths of color that can be used for light therapy. The most common and beneficial color for anti-aging is red. The red light works to combat wrinkles and increase collagen production for smoother younger looking skin. Because red light travels further into your skin, this color is beneficial for targeting deep lines and wrinkles. During treatments, your skin specialist may use a combination of different colors of light to combat
specific issues. Most at-home devices also combine colors, although you can also buy color specific devices as well.






An important part of understanding aging is learning what factors contribute to it. Most wrinkles, fine lines, and joint pains are cause by inadequate levels of collagen. Collagen is the most important structural protein that we have in our skin and connective tissue. It is the foundation that holds our body together. When we are in our youth, our bodies produce collagen efficiently, but as we age, this production diminishes. Healthy collagen levels give us soft and supple skin, strong nails and bones, healthy hair, and a glowing complexion. It is an
essential part of keeping muscles, joints, and tendons working properly. The more collagen we have in our body, the better we will look and feel as we age.
One big benefit of LED red light therapy is increased fibroblast proliferation. Fibroblasts make collagen fibers and the more and healthier fibroblasts that are in the skin, the more and healthier collagen fibers are created. Collagen production and maintenance is the foundation of anti-aging.



When to start using LED red light therapy



It is never too early to begin combatting the early stages of aging. However, if you’re looking for specific signs, these are the early signs of aging to look out for:


  •  Decreased elasticity in skin​
  •  Wrinkles
  • Joint stiffness
  • Skin deterioration
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic joint and muscle pain
  • Acne

If you’re experiencing one or more of these signs, it could be an indication that your collagen levels are deficient. If this is the case, LED red light therapy is a wonderful, natural option to effectively generate more collagen in your body.
Lightstim LED light therapy devices utilize red and near-infrared wavelengths that are designed to combat the early signs of aging. These wavelengths of red-light energy have been clinically proven to enhance the body’s natural ability to create collagen and elastin. LED light therapy is a groundbreaking way to reverse the effects of aging, with no prescriptions or medications and no injections or surgery. It is safe, natural wavelengths of light energy that are proven to be effective. Lightstim devices also work to boost collagen production. Light therapy in general enhances the energy cycle, which in turn allows for greater ATP availability, resulting in an overall higher production of collagen. All these effects happening together deliver a rush of other benefits including:


  •  Cell generation to replace old cells
  •  Creation of new neurons
  •  The development of new capillaries
  •  Prevention of cell death
  •  Increased blood flow
  •  Enhanced nitric oxide production


Lightstim light therapy is a very relaxing treatment. You can do it in any position, seated or lying down, and a single session is around 20 minutes. Many say that they experienced immediate results and their skin felt better after. Light therapy is helpful for more than just skin concerns, it can even help with stiff, sore, and painful joints. Investing in a hand-held device is worth the money as you get unlimited usage with just a single purchase. Anti-aging LED light therapy has
completely changed the way people combat aging, as well as refresh and recover their bodies. It is safe, painless, and natural, involving no expensive medications and surgeries or risky injections. LED light therapy provides our bodies with the ability to heal naturally.


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