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Professional LED light Therapy Facials- Alone or Combined with other Treatments

March 22, 2021


Although using a handheld LED device is convenient, easy, and affordable, you can also get a professional treatment done. Anikabeauty offers in-office professional LED treatments as well as other anti aging treatments that are extremely effective and relaxing.


What professional treatment services are offered?


Phototherapy facials combine LED light therapy with deep cleansing and sometimes peels. The two professional panels used during these sessions are the Cellumas brand and the Lightstim Pro panel. Light stim offers the number one FDA cleared devices in the U.S. Utilizing four individual panels and 1,400 high-output LEDs, this panel provides full coverage and increased contour to the treatment area. It releases red and blue LED light for both acne and antiaging. The Cellumas pro panel is offered for people that are more sensitive to bright lights. The LED Phototherapy Treatment is a 45 minute long session, suitable for all skin types. It is perfect for when you’re pressed for time or want to do a series of LED light therapy. This treatment helps with acne, antiaging, rosacea, and sun damaged skin. The LED Phototherapy Facial is customized to the individual using a combination of LED phototherapy and additional modalities. This session can include steam extractions, high frequency, Ultrasonic, Diamond peel, other peeling agents, advanced cell communicating ingredients and more. This facial also helps acne, antiaging, rosacea, and sun damaged skin.


Benefits of  LED Phototherapy include:

  • Reduces overall redness, skin damage. Great for redness associated with rosacea
  • Stimulates the collagen and elastin production that slows down as we age
  • Improves acne, by destroying the bacteria that causes acne
  • Speeds up the clearing of blemishes
  • Decreasing inflammation, improves coloring, smoothness, texture of skin, improves mild scarring
  • Increase moisture retention in the skin
  • Improves lines and wrinkles
  • Increase the lymphatic system activity
  • Increases circulation. Which in turn helps heal and repair damaged skin tissue
  • Diminishes the effects of skin effects from aging, smoking and weather
  • Visible changes in under 2 months of treatments for most individuals
  • Works without thermal heat for greater safety and comfort
  • Low intensity, non- invasive, and non- ablative

Another treatment offered is the non-Surgical Facelift Microcurrent. It is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to take years off the face. The treatment takes the efficacy of microcurrent to a new level by pairing it with advanced clinical non-toxic skin care products. This ​combination provides dramatic results and is incredibly relaxing. Since microcurrent is sub-sensory it is stress releasing and most clients fall asleep during treatments. Anti aging LED therapy can easily be combined with microcurrent and this combination is extremely beneficial for the skin.


Anikabeauty offers professional treatment services that are an excellent, safe way to help the skin while avoiding any harsh chemicals or invasive treatments. Book a session with anikabeauty today, and while you’re at it, be sure to read my previous blog post, “LED Light Therapy” to learn more about what LED light therapy is, the different wavelengths of colors, and what it can do for you!

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Teresa Paquin, Licensed NH Aesthetician and Makeup Artist -  offers skincare and makeup consultations by phone for individuals who cannot come into the Hudson, NH location. Or, have product questions. See what Anika clients are saying! Testimonies . Please call 603.595.0224. Appointment only Monday through Saturday. No walk-in's please.



Teresa Paquin Licensed Aesthetician - Micro Current Practitioner Anika Skincare and Makeup

 Teresa's background and education 

Teresa has worked in the makeup industry since she was 19 years old. Her education was in Boston and NYC in Film, TV, and Fashion & Beauty makeup. Teresa’s work has  been featured in national magazines where she also served as a Beauty Contributor for Allured Publishing in the beauty industry. She was chosen by Allured Publishing to be their Creative Director for several years, creating the covers of their magazines, doing the model makeup, choosing the photographers, models and themes according to their editorial calendar. She has been a freelance Makeup Artist for film, television, weddings, beauty makeovers which included teaching beauty industry professionals classes. 

In addition to her makeup work, Teresa is a skincare formulator, and NH Aesthetician, where she provides skincare and makeup services for her NH & MA clients, and operates an e-commerce beauty store.