Organic Valeur Absolue Harmonie Essentielle Perfume 1.7 Fl. Oz.

Valeur Absolue

Family: Woody & Floral

The Harmonie Essentielle aroma is best characterized as being pure nature encapsulated in a bottle. Its fresh fragrance takes us into an infinitely soft and playful universe that is reminiscent of childhood, spring days, and blooming flowers. Its scent is woody and floral with more noticeable notes of neroli, bergamot, and vanilla. This collection is enriched with semi-precious amethyst stones for their calming properties and soothing beauty. Cosmos / Ecocert. Certified Organic. Vegan.

Features and Benefits

  • Featured Aromas: Neroli, Bergamot, & Vanilla
  • 100% CLEAN: Certifed Organic, No PCM, Phthalates, CMR, UV filter, coloring agents
  • Carefully created by sensory experts to positively impact emotions
  • Contains semi-precious amethyst stones for their beauty and calming energy
  • Handmade in Southern France


    Alcohol*denat.; Parfum (fragrance); Aqua (water); Benzyl Salicylate; Linalool; Limonene; Geraniol; Citronellol; Coumarin; Benzyl Benzoate; Benzyl Alcohol; Farnesol; Citral; Isoeugenol
    *Made using organic ingredients

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