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The Illuminate LED Disk by Aesthetic Skin Systems

Aesthetic Skin Systems

 * Newest version 2021- updated power button

Why use green instead of blue for acne? Green light has been shown to penetrate deeper than blue light, and has proven benefits of lightening unwanted pigmentation and brightening the complexion.

It also helps reduce the production of melanin and inhibit the formation of pigmentation in the skin.

If you want to reduce acne breakouts and help lighten post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring this at home device is a perfect way to improve your skin.

The Illuminate LED Disk is a revolutionary patent pending, four-inch circular LED panel. It is battery operated, cordless and portable. Very quick to use as the treatment time per section is only 90 seconds. One push button on side, two levels of light. It can be charged using any USB charger.


Our Illuminate LED Disk Incorporates the market-leading features of our patent-pending Illuminate LED Panel in a four-inch diameter, battery-operated portable solution. Its cordless design, 15mw/cm2 optical power, 250 green 520nm LEDs and a convenient 90 second treatment time makes it the ideal solution to incorporate the benefits of green led therapy into your client’s at-home treatments.

The Illuminate LED Disk is designed and hand-built in Northern California by Aesthetic Skin Systems

1 year warranty




  1. Clean and dry your skin.
  2. Push the button on the side of the light and wait until green light turns on.
  3. Hold disk on one side of the face for the 90 seconds. It will automatically shut off. Repeat on the other side of face, forehead and chin area. Total treatment time to do the four sections in 6 minutes.
  4. Use daily for best results.
  5. Do not use if taking medication or herbal supplements that cause light sensitivity
  6. Do not use any skincare products with acids in the such as- AHA’s BHA’s Retinol’s under the light.
  7. Clean device with a soft cloth and alcohol or disinfecting wipe. Do not saturate. Do not soak device.

Indicator Light

Off – Press the power button to enter standby mode.

Slow flashing green – Press the power button to turn on Illuminate.

Slow flashing yellow – Connect the charging cable.

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