Skin Clearing Gel 10%

Visual Changes International Skincare

Product Information

Provides oxygenating, antibacterial, exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, dihydrotestosterone, and tyrosinase inhibiting properties that help heal and keep your skin clear.Assists you in maintaining a healthy, smooth, blemish-free, even-colored complexion.

Fortified with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients to address acne skin conditions from every level of assault. Ingredients include Benzoyl Peroxide, Colloidal Silver, Manuka Essential Oil, Saw Palmetto, Licorice, antioxidants, and natural botanicals to maintain a blemish-free complexion. 2oz

For acne and acne-prone skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use after cleansing. Apply a small amount over active acne lesions and acne prone skin on the face, chest and back. The degree of dryness or peeling can be adjusted by modifying the application time and strength of the product used

WHEN TO USE: Use daily, can be used both morning and evening


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