Pure Essentials Natural Skincare by Teresa Paquin - Vegan, Safe Skincare

Teresa Paquin, NH licensed aesthetician and makeup artist introduces a unique vegan, natural and organic skin care brand designed to enhance the skins natural beauty and encourage naturally healthy, radiant skin.

A passionate advocate of beauty as an art form, Paquin believes everyone has the right to look and feel her absolute best by naturally enhancing her God-given beauty. It is this philosophy that guides her work with clients at her Anika Skincare & Makeup Studio in New Hampshire and in her new line: Pure Essentials Natural Skincare.

Teresa, founded the line after years of experience which began with the birth of her daughter whose tiny body was ravaged with a skin condition that rejected conventional creams and medicines.

It was when Teresa began experimenting and creating custom all-natural formulas of her own that her daughters skin began to improve.

Today, Teresa treats clients with a variety of skin care issues with the same love and devotion that first began with her own daughter. Now she wants to share her clients favorite products with you!

Pure Essentials Natural Skincare products are all made with natural and organic ingredients, and are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes. Vegan products options and gluten free. Pure Essential Natural Skincare formulas should be stored out of direct sunlight and heat. Made in USA. Cruelty free.