Plasma Fusion

Plasma Fusion skincare treatments at Anika’s


A non-invasive approach to creating a temporary passage in the skin to allow for easy absorption of active products without creating any skin damage.


* Transfers energy to the skin's tissue structure inducing skin regeneration and collagen formation and reducing wrinkles along the way.


* Generates a large amount of oxygen providing wound healing and scar relief.


* Promotes blood flow without causing collagen decomposition.


* Effective for treating pigmentary disorders with NO recovery time (unlike IPL) as there is no damage to the skin.


All this - without the use of needles and no risk of microthermal damage!


This treatment is both available as an add -on to the one hour microcurrent face & neck lift or as a stand alone treatment.

During this treatment your skin will receive a wide range of skincare ingredients including several different type of peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen, EGFs , plant stem cells and more.