Ultra Soothe Creme - (formerly ultra calm creme)

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Ultra Soothe Creme - Anti-inflamm-ageing Crème - Advanced Clinical Skincare


Are you suffering from sensitive, irritated, inflamed, or environmentally stressed skin? Chronic low-grade microinflammation can have visible consequences on the skin such as a deterioration of DNA and proteins. The effects of inflammation can negatively affect normal skin barrier function which can result in accelerated aging. The Ultra Soothe Creme contains several active ingredients that help with chronic, itchy, red, or problematic skin. This creme is perfect for skin that is easily prone to allergic responses, abrasion, or environmental sensitivity. It infuses irritated skin with significant anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits that help to protect and maintain epidermal stem cell capacity.


After cleansing and toning, apply a dime sized amount to the face and neck, using circular motions.

Paraben Free


Available in a 1.7 ounce airless bottle

A highly effective treatment that alleviates stressed, sensitive, and irritable skin. The

special properties of Black Currant Seed Oil, Balloon Vine Extract in combination with Sunflower Seed Oil reduce inflammatory processes and replenish a damaged skin barrier.

Soothes the skin immediately and prevents irritation, Keeps the skin within its comfort zone and protects it against heat-induced damage.

Key Ingredients

Delisens Solution TM-  Is an innovative Hexapeptide that relieves itching while helping sensitive skin to recover its physiological tolerance threshold.

Arnica Extract - Offers anti-inflammatory and stimulating activity. Normalizes superficial microcirculation, activates the reabsorption of cutaneous blood effusion (bruises). Effective against dark circles, improves capillary tissue quality (regeneration of the keratin fiber, regulation of the sebaceous function).

Biophytex TM - Is a synergistic complex of yeast and several botanical extracts, rich in saponosides and flavonoids. It strengthens capillaries, reinforcing their structure while reactivating microcirculation

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