Lux Collection dpl IIa – LED Light Wrinkle Reduction & Acne Treatment Panel

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Winner of the 2022 New You Beauty Awards: Greatest Gadget

Named “Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Device”

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection dpl IIa is the original LED Technologies’ dual-function light therapy device. This panel uses a range of light therapy wavelengths – infrared, red, deep red, amber, and blue – for versatile deep penetrating light (DPL) skin therapy. The Lux Collection dpl IIa is safe and effective for your face, neck, chest, hands, legs, back, and any part of your body.

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The Only Over-the-Counter Light Therapy Device You Need!

One Device for Anti-Aging and Acne Relief

The Lux Collection dpl IIa does it all. With it, you can access FDA-cleared technology for both wrinkle reduction and acne relief. In just 3 minutes per day, you can see a range of skin results with a single device from the comfort of your home. This device features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that release specific wavelengths to benefit your skin with three distinct settings:

  • Setting 1 — red, infrared, and amber light for anti-aging: Reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, minimize sun damage, and promote healing for younger-looking skin with improved texture and tone
  • Setting 2 — blue and red light for acne treatment: Treat acne by targeting and destroying the bacteria that cause acne flare-ups
  • Setting 3 — red, infrared, amber, and blue light for anti-aging and acne treatment: Save time by addressing wrinkles and acne all at once

Features and Benefits

  • 3-minute treatment time
  • Three powerful treatment settings
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Destroys acne-causing bacteria
  • Skin-safe and effective for all skin tones
  • FSA- and HSA-approved
  • 1-Year warranty

Red Light Therapy at Home for Wrinkles

The red end of the light spectrum — consisting of amber, red, deep red, and infrared — features long wavelengths capable of penetrating the skin’s surface. Our consumer study found that over 97% of participants reported visible skin texture and tone improvements after 10 weeks.

Blue Light Therapy at Home for Acne

Blue light has a short wavelength that operates closer to the skin’s surface to alleviate acne flare-ups and prevent future breakouts. Acne happens when bacteria thrive in your pores. Blue light stops acne at its source by destroying the acne-causing bacteria.

The Lux Collection dpl IIa uses non-UV blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria and red light for reducing inflammation and calming redness. The results are noticeable, and they appear fast. Participants in our consumer study reported a significant acne reduction after two weeks. And visible results can often be seen in as little as a single day.

Why Choose the Lux Collection dpl IIa?

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection dpl IIa is our most efficient treatment device. Its larger surface area allows you to treat more of your skin during a single three-minute treatment cycle.

While handheld devices are great to take on the road with you, choose the Lux Collection dpl IIa as your primary at-home treatment device. Rather than holding a device in one hand, rest the dpl IIa device directly on your body to get the best light therapy results. Plus, unlike LED masks on the market, this device works well on any part of your body, including your neck, chest, and back. Our Lux Collection dpl IIa is the all-in-one device to solve your toughest skin woes.

dpl® IIa Includes:

  • dpl® IIa Device
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Power Supply
  • Storage Bag
  • Relaxation Goggles
  • User Guide

Honorable Mentions

2022 New You Beauty Awards Winner badge
“Wrinkles and acne be gone with this revolutionary medical grade light therapy treatment that you can use from the comfort of your home. Deep Light Therapy is a winner in our books, because we all know a true skin care revolution is hard to find.” — New You Beauty Awards 2022 Winners

Sharper Image Logo
“The dpl® IIa is so easy to use. I could see a difference in the first week. Wrinkles fading, and the uneven skin tone is evened out. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to brighten up their face and improve their skin!” — Val’s Review on Sharper Image

Style Chicks Logo
“The reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet are the hallmark of this light therapy device. My eleven lines appeared less deep and long even after a few uses. I find both eleven and smile lines look much smoother the day after I use the reVive dpl® IIa and my skin appears brighter.” “When I use the dpl® IIa at night before bed, my skin also has a lovely glow to it in the morning, I look more vibrant and awake, my skin tone seems rosier and even.” — The Style Chicks

Reveal Great Skin Logo
“The reVive Light Therapy® Professional Panel System is light therapy at its most elegant! It’s a beautifully sleek full coverage LED light therapy system that incorporates 262 LEDs in 5 different wavelengths including infrared, deep red, light red, amber, and blue. There is no other system on the market that offers all of that in one system! The design of this device is nothing short of brilliant; compact, efficient, effective, and gorgeous.” — Victoria Girard

Hello Giggles Logo
“If you’re looking to make an investment in your skin, these medical grade, infrared LED lights will leave your face soft, glowing, and revived while killing bacteria deep in the skin.” — Anna Buckley

mind body green Logo
“Less concerned about aging and more concerned about acne? Meet the LED red light tool for you. While the blue light targets skin bacteria that can cause acne breakouts, the red light supports skin’s natural healing abilities for a combination that tackles acne every step of the way.” — Best Red Light Therapy Tools Of 2022: Fight Fine Lines, Acne & More (Best for Acne), mindbodygreen

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