What Your Skin Is Really Trying to Tell You about Your Health

What Your Skin Is Really Trying to Tell You about Your Health

July 28, 2017

Despite what the world has taught us, skincare problems don’t end as soon as you exit your teenage years. Adult acne is a thing… Unfortunately.

If only you knew then what you know now, right? But don’t fret too much on this because we’re going to get to the bottom of it. So, grab your magnifying mirror and turn on your vanity lights! It’s time to decode your skin with face mapping. 


The meaning behind the location of your blemishes

Most people experience one specific region on their face that is more prone to blemishes, blackheads, acne, discoloration, etc. and where that is can say a lot about your health. So, channel your inner CSI character and prepare to start face mapping. We’re going in!



Blemishes between the brows

Breakouts that occur between the eyebrows signifies a poor diet. You likely enjoy your greasy, fatty foods – and who doesn’t love a good Big Mac? Well, your skincare doesn’t, as you can see. Try to improve your diet and your skin should follow en suite.

Premium skincare solution:

Use an acne treatment that is infused with the ingredients you need to treat oily skin. The Advanced Acne Creme with Alpha Arbutin  is a great option for you. It’s designed to attack pore congestion and outbreaks associated with greasy, oily skin types.


Face mapping the forehead

If your forehead is like a helicopter landing zone for your acne, you may be experiencing digestive problems. Now, before you panic, this could be something as simple as your body having a hard time digesting something you ate. However, it could also be linked to stress, liver problems or poor sleep patterns. 

Premium skincare solution:

Eat better, sleep more, and wash your face with premium skincare. The Advanced Acne Crème with Alpha Arbutin will reduce the appearing of aging while also treating all your blemishes and skincare concerns.


Skincare concerns on the chin

Adult acne, blemishes, and blackheads on the chin are a little more difficult to diagnose. A lot of people rest their hands on their chin, transferring all kinds of oils and bacteria to their face. Greasy foods can also clog the pores on your chin. Buttery corn on the cob will be the death of us!

However, skincare concerns on the chin can also be a result of hormones. So, pay attention to your breakouts in correlation with your period. There could be a connection here.

Premium skincare solution:

Use Gly Sal Pads on your chin to swipe away anything clogging your pores. It works amazing at clearing up blemishes and even deep-set blackheads. Although, it's not recommended for sensitive skin.


Cheeky skincare problems

Skincare problems appearing on your cheeks is likely a sign of poor air quality – think pollution, allergies, germs, etc. If you work in a highly-polluted area, live in a major city such as Boston, where pollution is inevitable or have been surrounded by allergens such as the fresh cut grass and flowers in Hudson, New Hampshire, the problem is the dirty air.

Premium skincare solution:

Don't worry. There’s no need to sell your house, quit your job or remain inside forever. You just need a good cleaning regime.  Since your skincare triggers can’t be avoided, invest in a home acne clearing tool. The Oxyderm tool can be used for your face and body, and if the air is the problem, you likely find your skincare problems sprouting up all over the place. Combine the home acne clearing tool with the Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum, and you're in for flawless skin! 


The meaning behind the time of day your acne likes to sprout

Blemishes love to pop up at the most inconvenient times, like before a big date or an important corporate meeting. However, you likely have a time of day where your breakouts happen more often, regardless of your schedule. This is where the secret message is hidden.


Morning breakouts

You go to bed with a fresh face and wake up with a giant pimple; you have morning acne. This is likely a sign that you aren’t washing your face thoroughly before you go to bed. However, it can also suggest that your digestive tract is having difficulty with something you ate the night prior.

Premium skincare solution:

You have it fairly simple when it comes to treating your skincare problems. You just have to start washing your face before you go to bed. If you already do that, then the problem is likely in the type of face wash you use.

Start using the Therapeutic Cleanser with Kaolin and Sulphur.  It’s infused with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits that’ll help prevent and treat breakouts.


Afternoon not-so-delight

You wake up, you look great, you go to work and – bam! Hello, acne. Afternoon acne and blemishes could be caused by hormones, cheap, pore-blogging makeup, or bad habits such as resting your hands on your face.

Premium skincare solution:

Pull out your makeup and look at the ingredients. If you see a ton of chemicals, toxins, and parabens, it’s time to get rid of it, along with your blemishes. Replace all of your cheap makeup with anti-bacterial mineral makeup. It’s the only type of makeup that bacteria can’t grow on! 



You’re looking flawless all day, you get home, and acne moves in. Evening acne is similar to the morning, only opposite. In other words, it could mean that you didn’t wash your face well enough in the morning or it could be that your skin has been subjected to harmful chemicals and toxins throughout the day.

Premium skincare solution:

It sounds like your evening acne is the result of pollution and toxins. If you live in a big city, such as Boston or work in a polluted facility, you simply can’t avoid it. So, it’s crucial to have a thorough, premium acne skincare regime such as the acne products in the Essential Dermaceuticals Advanced Clinical Skincare – and use it every night to deter morning breakouts.


When you know why your skin is breaking out, you can use the correct premium skincare products to effectively combat the problem. So, head on over to Anika Beauty and shop luxury skincare that’s infused with ingredients that actually work.


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