The Terrifying Truth of Counterfeit Cosmetics and Knock Off Skincare Products

The Terrifying Truth of Counterfeit Cosmetics and Knock Off Skincare Products

December 17, 2017

What would you do if you found out that your skincare products and cosmetics contained everything from mercury, lead, cyanide, arsenic, rat droppings and even human urine? Well, these are all things commonly found in counterfeit cosmetics from China and if you aren’t careful, you could become a victim.


What are Counterfeit Cosmetics?

In order to steer clear of the bad skin care products and counterfeit cosmetics, you have to know what they are first. Counterfeit cosmetics are “fake” products or knockoff goods of something else. Anyone can make a label similar to a popular brands label and slap it on a bottle, claiming it to be the real deal. What’s scary is that the label looks identical to the authentic label, with only the slightest change being made so that you barely notice it. In fact, most people don’t realize they've purchasing knockoff skincare or counterfeit cosmetics until they have a reaction. 


Risks of Using Counterfeit Cosmetics and Knock Off Skincare

Purchasing counterfeit cosmetics is like throwing your money away. You’re paying top dollar for what-you-think is the authentic version of the cosmetics or skincare product and not receiving any of the results you (thought) you paid for. What’s worse is that you could end up paying for skincare concerns, problems and reactions that cause you to buy even more cosmetics and skincare products to treat the new issues. The counterfeit cosmetic industry is a giant money hole with severe risks with a sole purpose is to maximize their profits. 


One of the biggest risks of purchasing and using counterfeit cosmetics and skin care products is that you have no idea what’s inside each bottle. While the ingredient list will mention the ingredients used to make the product, it never mentions the conditions in which it was manufactured.

Many counterfeit cosmetics come from second or third world countries, many of which have poor, dangerous and unsanitary work conditions and environments. Their safety requirements aren’t as strict as they are in the United States and Canada, which puts you at severe risk of contaminants. You never want to put something on your face or in your body that could possibly be filled with bacteria. So, it’s imperative to know where your cosmetics are coming from, and more importantly, where counterfeit cosmetics come from.

This is one reason why Essential Dermaceuticals make sure none of the ingredients used in their skincare products are sourced from China.



In addition to bacteria, you also run the risk of purchasing cosmetics and skincare that’s infused with toxins. Again, you don’t know where the ingredients are coming from or where the cosmetics and skincare are being manufactured. It’s imperative to use products from a trusted brand that places importance on high-quality manufacturing and ingredients.

With counterfeit cosmetics, you think you’re purchasing paraben-free skincare but you simply don’t know what’s actually in the product. You wouldn't purchase skincare or makeup made in a dirty back alley... Not willingly anyway, but counterfeit cosmetics are made in similar environments. 


Allergic Reactions

Combine all of that information into your skincare regime, and you run the risk of severe skin and allergic reactions. It was only last year when a popular lip balm company went viral because customers were purchasing their faces swollen and blistered after using the product. But that’s not even the worst of what can happen.

Using counterfeit cosmetics and knockoff skincare products can lead to severe reactions, diseases and illnesses. Mercury, lead, cyanide, arsenic, rat droppings and even human urine are often found in counterfeit cosmetics that come from China. You can only imagine what these things can lead to in terms of your skincare and health.


How to Spot Counterfeit Cosmetics and Knock Off Skincare

The best way to steer clear of counterfeit cosmetics and knockoff skincare products is to know who you’re purchasing from. Always conduct a sufficient amount of research on the store and skincare brand prior to purchase, and never forget to look into where the products are manufactured and/or sourced from.

Secondly, always purchase directly from the brand’s store or a reputable supplier of that brand. Anyone can open an online store or post fake products on popular websites such as Amazon. So, always, always, always – we can’t stress that enough – purchase your skincare products and cosmetics from a reputable source.


At Anika Beauty, we ensure all of skincare products and cosmetics available in our Hudson, NH spa and on our online store are authentic, top-grade, high-quality products. We place importance on where each ingredient is sourced from and where the products are manufactured to guarantee authentic, quality skincare and cosmetics. As mentioned, one of our skincare brands available, Essential Dermaceuticals, makes sure that none of their ingredients are sourced from China to also ensure authentic, safe skincare products.


Just when you think all cosmetics are created equally, you stumble across a news story about someone ending up in the hospital because of bad cosmetics. The truth is, not all cosmetics or skincare products are created equally – not even close. Counterfeit makeup, skincare products and other beauty products is an entire industry in itself. These  products are disguised so well that many people don’t even know that they’re purchasing knock off versions. So, keep your skincare and health clean and safe by purchasing from reputable stores such as Anika Beauty. Come visit us online or at our Hudson, NH spa