The Real Reasons You Can’t Seem to Get Rid of Your Sensitive Skin Eczema

The Real Reasons You Can’t Seem to Get Rid of Your Sensitive Skin Eczema

September 15, 2017

Ugh. Sensitive skin is the worst. It’s a constant battle of itching and peeling, stinging and burning, redness, bumps and hives – and that’s on the best of days.  You’ve tried every popular brand of lotion that lines the shelves of your local drugstore and may have even went  as far as getting a prescription from your doctor. But the eczema is stubborn and not going anywhere. It might disappear for a bit and just when you think you’re in the clear – BAM – it’s back with a vengeance.

And believe it or not, there are some solutions you haven’t tried yet and more importantly, that’ll effectively help sensitive and eczema skin types.

Anika Beauty was originally created after the owner watched her own child suffer severely from eczema. Long story short, after nothing worked, the owner went on to conduct her own research, get her own esthetic license, and now formulates products that actually work, sans side effects.


How the environment contributes to your sensitive skin

While there was once a time where getting a breath of fresh air literally means reaping all the benefits of the fresh, clean environment, the world has changed and the environment isn’t as clean as it once was. In fact, many of environmental triggers that affect sensitive skin can’t be avoided – such as the sun, the wind and temperature. Then, add in the pollution and hard water, and you have the perfect concoction for free radicals to take over the skin. Here are specific ways in which the environment affects your sensitive skin:

  • The sun’s UV rays weaken your skin’s protective barrier, causing it to be extra sensitive
  • The wind exposes your skin to a rush of cool temperatures which causes your blood vessels to work extra hard to keep the heat in. This weakens your skin’s moisture mechanisms
  • The fluctuations in temperature weaken your skin’s protective barrier over time
  • Air conditioning and central heat draw the moisture right out of your skin, leaving you with a dry, sensitive, irritated surface
  • Hard water can disrupt your skin’s pH balance, causing it to be irritated and sensitive
  • The pollutants of this world, from cigarette smoke to dust, exhaust fumes and greenhouse gas are the worst for your skin. They clog your bores, damage your skin’s moisture mechanisms and weaken your skin’s protective barrier

 How diet affects sensitive skin eczema

In order to effectively combat your sensitive skin, you need to start paying attention to the foods you’re fueling it with. There are all sorts of foods that can trigger your skin condition to flare up, making your sensitive skin unbearable. In fact, your diet has a lot to do with the health and beauty of your skin as a whole.

As for treatment for sensitive skin, here are some of the top foods to avoid:

  • Gluten (barley, rye and wheat) can turn sensitive skin irritation into blistering rashes
  • Dairy products can trigger aggravate skin allergies
  • 25 synthetic chemicals are required to make up 1 artificial dye. Need I say more?
  • Preservatives can cause skin lesions, amongst many other horrible skin conditions and health concerns
  • Acidic foods (grains, sugar, sodas, etc.) can disrupt your skin’s healthy pH balance causing sensitive skin symptoms to flare up


Best Topical Treatments for Sensitive Skin Eczema

Now that you know what to avoid to help sensitive skin, it’s time to add in topical skincare. Effective sensitive skin solutions require prevention, protection and repairing. So, you can’t just avoid foods and forget about your skincare products, nor can you have the best skincare products for sensitive yet continue to infuse your body with harmful toxins. It’s a three-step process. And the following premium skincare products will put the cherry on top of your new beauty regime.

If nothing else, refrain from using skincare products that are infused with chemicals and toxins. Chances are, the very ingredients you’re putting on your skin are the ones causing your sensitive skin eczema to stick around.

So, stick with 100% natural, non toxic premium skin care products, all of which can be found on Anika Beauty. Our line of  Essential Dermaceuticals has been carefully formulated for optimal results and better feeling skin.

For those of you in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area, Teresa does offer facial services for sensitive skin types. And, helpful advice for those outside the area in the USA by phone or email.