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Spoiler Alert: SPF in Your Makeup Simply Isn't Enough to Protect You

September 13, 2018

Trust us – like you, we wish having SPF in our makeup products was enough to protect our skin from the sun. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. The reality is, the sun’s UV rays are intense and the level of SPF protection in daily cosmetics is nowhere close to being enough to protect your skin. Yes, some SPF is better than none but most SPF makeup simply are nowhere close to being a substitute for the real deal.

SPF makeup, SPF cosmetics, SPF in makeup, SPF in cosmetics, sun protection, skin sun protection, sunblock, sunscreen, how to protect skin from sun, how to treat sun spots, how to treat sun damage, new Hampshire, boston,  

The Problems with SPF Makeup

When it comes to SPF makeup, there are two major problems.

SPF Makeup Only Blocks Out The Least Damaging UV Ray

The first is that the SPF added into the product only protects your skin against UVB radiation. In order to have sufficient sun protection, you would need a product that blocks out UVB and UVA rays which typically can only be found in sunscreen. Otherwise, your skin will be taking on all of the rays that shine through your home, car, and clouds or that bounce off snow and water. Add in the fact that UVA rays are the main culprit for causing aging skin and skin cancer, and you’ll certainly want to add an extra layer of sun protection onto your skin – and one that protects your skin from all types of UV rays. 

SPF in Makeup Doesn’t Provide Enough Protection

As mentioned previously, the SPF added into cosmetics simply doesn’t have enough SPF protection. Just take a look at any SPF cosmetics and compare the SPF level to actual sunscreen – the numbers are incomparable. While you can find sunscreen that’s as low as a 4 SPF, most are 15 and range all the way up to 100+.

To put it into comparison, SPF 30 protects again 97% of UV rays. SPF 4 only blocks 75% of UV rays. Considering most SPF cosmetics have lower SPF than that, and you’re subjecting your skin to a lot of sun damage and potential health issues.

That’s also not to mention that SPF has to go on thick to be beneficial. In fact, in order to get a decent amount of sun protection from sun products, you would need to layer on your makeup approximately 15 times thicker than you normally would. So, not only is that an enormous waste of product but the finished look would most definitely be cakey and far from natural.


What’s The Best SPF Makeup Alternative?

Truthfully, there is no SPF makeup alternative. The best option is to start wearing sunscreen and makeup if needed. This can be a difficult task since most of the chemicals used in sunscreens, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide change the formulation and quality of the makeup product.

If you were to use any SPF cosmetic, it’s recommended to opt for mineral sunscreen makeup lines such as Suntegrity. 

Mineral Sunscreen and SPF Makeup

Mineral sunscreen and mineral SPF makeup are quickly becoming the top choice of products that provide coverage and real protection from UV rays. Suntegrity has infused as high as SPF 30 into their products to ensure protection against both UVA and UVB rays while also providing you with the skincare benefits you’re looking for.

Some quality SPF mineral products to try from the Suntegrity line include:


The Ideal Sun Protection Skincare Routine

For an SPF makeup look that is as flawless as it is protective against harmful UV rays, here is the skincare routine you should be following:

  1. Apply Ferulic Vitamin C and E Serum in the morning to dose your skin with powerful antioxidants that protect against photo-aging and UVA/UVB damage
  2. Start the morning with a nice layer of SPF sunscreen Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen and Primer (SPF 30)
  3. Let it absorb for a few minutes before applying the rest of your makeup
  4. Do a midday touch-up with a loose powder Non-GMO Organic Silk Powder
  5. Apply Ferulic Vitamin C and E Serum once again at night to give your skin intense revitalizing a collagen synthesizing nourishment
  6. Repeat


Most SPF makeup products either sacrifice your UV protection or your flawless makeup look. Suntegrity is one of the few quality SPF cosmetic lines that uses SPF 30 within their product line to ensure a look and protection that is equally as flawless.

However, it’s just as important to infuse your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight off a day of sun, pollution, and makeup which is when Ferulic vitamin C and E Serum comes into play.

As a rule of thumb, never go under SPF 30 makeup or cosmetics and always treat your skin for sun damage at the end of the day.

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