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Sensitive Skin and Inflammation

October 09, 2021


Sensitive Skin and Skin Inflammation  

Are you someone who suffers from sensitive skin? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a study done by Miranda Farage, 70% of the population possess the characteristics that fall under sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can affect you in several different ways. It can be itchy, inflamed, or  red, just to name a few. While sensitive skin is more difficult to deal with, there are fortunately  many ways to avoid sensitive skin inflammation. Before we get into that, let's first talk about the  different things that can happen to sensitive skin and why they happen.  

Facial Redness  

Since every person’s skin is different, there isn’t one universal fix for redness of the face. The  most common reason that your face can look red is acne. But that isn’t the only reason for facial  redness. Rosacea is a skin condition that leads to redness and sometimes pimples on the face.  This condition is often mistaken for acne but can be triggered by anything from hot temperatures  to foods that have that extra kick in there. Another condition that causes facial redness is eczema.  This is when the skin shows up as red, itchy, and dry. Although the cause of this is still unknown,  studies have found that gut health and stress can have something to do with it. Contact dermatitis  also causes facial redness, and this is when you have an allergic reaction to something that you  applied directly onto your skin. And lastly, over-exfoliation can make your skin appear to be red  and raw.  


Avoiding Facial Redness  

The best advice about controlling facial redness is knowing your triggers. That way, you can  avoid those things as best you can. Some more tips to reduce facial redness include:  

  • Wearing sunscreen  
  • Keeping your skin care routine simple  
  • Exfoliating sparingly  


What to do when you are experiencing redness  

While there are ways to prevent redness, no one’s skin is perfect, and redness does still happen.  By using products that contain soothing ingredients you can give your skin some relief. Any  products that contain niacinamide, allantoin, caffeine, licorice root, chamomile, aloe, and  cucumber can aid in reducing redness. If you can pinpoint a specific product in your routine that  could be causing irritation, it is best to stop using that product and pay attention to any  differences in your skin. Facial redness differs from person to person, and while a little red skin  never hurts anyone, it is important that you are actively taking note of what normal redness looks like for you. Facial icing, using a ice facial ice roller on and offer for a few minutes also can take down redness and inflammation. Make sure you never leave it stationary in one spot-, always keep it moving and stop if area becomes numb. Mirabella make a wonderful ice roller, easily sanitized and has a extra roller head for quick changes. If your redness is starting to look out of the ordinary, you should talk to a  professional.  


Product Recommendations  


At Anikabeauty we offer several options in clean beauty formulations that can help soothe and treat any  irritation, redness, or inflammation that people with sensitive skin often suffer from. Some of the  best products include:  

  • Essential Dermaceuticals Ultra Calm Creme  contains several active ingredients that  help with chronic, itchy, red, or problematic skin. This creme is perfect for skin that is  easily prone to allergic responses, abrasion, or environmental sensitivity. It infuses  irritated skin with significant anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory benefits that help to  protect and maintain epidermal stem cell capacity.  
  • Essential Dermaceuticals Ultra Calm Serum   a highly effective, daily use serum that  relieves stressed, sensitive, or irritable skin. This serum uses boosting anti-inflammatory  processes that support the recovery of the skin barrier. This product also contains 15%  Arnica Extract which is an ingredient that enhances the appearance of dry or damaged  skin. Arnica Extract reduces flaking and restores your skin's suppleness.  
  • Essential Dermaceuticals Ultra Calming Facial Cleanser  a thick, creamy, soothing cleanser  that is great for highly sensitive, dry, visibly irritated, and post-peel or postoperative skin.  This cleanser is a pH balanced, color-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free formulation that  has premium ingredients and naturally active botanicals. It contains Arnica to reduce  inflammation and irritation, a natural topical muscle relaxer to calm the skin,  Gluconolactone to improve texture and appearance of visibly irritated skin, and Vitamin  K to help minimize the appearance of broken capillaries and discoloration.  
  • Essential Skincare Acne Action Pull provides extraordinary acne benefits against  bacteria and their acne promoting lipases. This unique product literally pulls the infection  and developing infection, up and out of the skin. It also works well for skin infections,  bee stings, bug bites, and other forms of inflammation. 






Also, for those of you who live in the local area southern NH or Massachusetts.  Teresa Paquin- Owner & Licensed Esthetician offers Facial skincare treatments for all skin types including sensitive skin. Appointment only. Call 603-595-0224 to schedule.