Refresh and Brighten Your Skin This Spring

Refresh and Brighten Your Skin This Spring

March 27, 2023

Spring has officially sprung, and this means that it’s time to reinvent your skincare routine. While the weather gets warmer, the sun’s rays get more powerful and on top of that, we start spending much more time outside.


It is more important now than ever to implement sun care prevention into your everyday routine. One way to do this is by using exfoliation to refresh and brighten, while also using SPF to protect.


Why is Sun Care Prevention Important?


There is no denying that a lifetime of sun exposure will cause wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems. But thankfully, all of this can be avoided with the proper sun care prevention. By protecting your skin from the sun, you can maintain youthful, healthy skin while also avoiding the effects of aging.


Protecting your skin starts with a good sun care prevention routine. And lucky for you, we have just what you’re looking for. ☺️


Ideal Sun Care Prevention Morning Routine                       


At Anikabeauty, we offer products that keep your skin healthy and glowing while also protecting it. But we understand it can be difficult to know just what products to use and in what order. For this reason, we have developed an ultimate skincare starter kit for both your morning routine and night routine.



In the morning it is especially important to include an SPF at the end of your routine to ensure you are going into the day with ultimate protection.


We offer a few SPF options that are great to add into your daily routine! The first is Suntegrity, a skincare brand that offers mineral-based sun care protection that is not only good for your skin, but makes you look good too.


The next sun care option is Tizo, a sheer tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers cosmetically elegant sun protection with a matte finish. TIZO 3 layers invisibly under makeup to replace your foundation primer and is also acne safe.


The last is SPF 35 Acne Safe under the line Essential Skincare. This product provides maximum antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic benefits. It provides you with the protection you need without leaving that unpleasant white cast that so many SPFs do.


All products listed in the graphic above are linked down below.


Sun Care Prevention Night Routine


The night is the perfect time to utilize prevention products, loaded with antioxidants. This is important after a day of excessive sun exposure and as a precautionary measure when you know you will be getting a lot of sun the next day.


Two products that are great prevention products are the Ferulic C and E Crème and the Ferulic C and E Serum. Both products will help revitalize your skin while also visibly improving your skin’s radiance, firmness, smoothness, and complexion.



All products listed in the graphic above are linked down below.



If you have any questions about sun care prevention or would like to schedule a consultation to develop a skin care routine, contact Teresa Paquin at Anikabeauty today! 603.595.0224