New addition to the Essential Dermaceuticals  Adavanced Skincare - Hyaluronic Mask

New addition to the Essential Dermaceuticals Adavanced Skincare - Hyaluronic Mask

February 16, 2020

New addition to the Essential Dermaceuticals Collection!

This is wonderful for all skin types. Especially good for hydration and firming.
Can be left on the skin for extra hydration.
Example of how you can use this in addtion to a soothing mask. Cleanse skin, apply serum, apply your creme. And, lastly a thin layer of the Advanced Hyaluronic Mask, then SPF if AM use.
Maximize topical hydration and enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier with this thirst quenching Mask which contains water based humectants that attract and bind moisture to the skin. Infused with powerful resilience-enhancing actives, this mask will provide immediate and long lasting hydration, skin will feel supremely nourished, refreshed, hydrated and balanced. Mask can be applied over serum and creme and left on skin for added hydration.
 Masks are made in small batches for Anika Skincare & Makeup. No parabens.Clincially tested. Safe ingredients, not sourced from China.
 Key ingredients...
  • Fision Instant Lift is a natural solution which provides immediate skin firming effect.


  • Phloretin is a natural source anti-oxidant which offers a wide range of skin conditioning benefits.


  • Astaxanthin is regarded as the strongest anti-oxidant vitamin in nature. It is famous for its “super vitamin E” content. It’s anti-oxidant is 550 times more effective than vitamin E, and it acts as a preventative from free radicals.


  • Dermocea is an extract blend of sucrose and two red seaweeds. This active improves the skin status by targeting both the epidermis and dermis. It promotes epidermal cell differentiation, a restructuring of the epidermis and reinforces the skin integrity.


  • Patch20 is a powerful ‘anti-thirst’ moisturization actives which provide immediate and lasting hydration restoring the quality of the skin barrier.


  • Glycoderm P contains liposomes based on plant-derived lipids with encapsulated hyaluronic acid and blossom honey. Glycoderm restores the lipid barrier of the Stratum Corneum of dry and fissured skin.
On special as a introductory offer from now until 2/22/2020