How can an esthetician help your skin?

How can an esthetician help your skin?

July 22, 2022

 How can an esthetician help your skin?


One morning you wake up with pimples all over your face. As you’re trying to clear up old ones, new ones begin to form. You realize that you are beginning to experience acne. Time to go see a dermatologist… or should you?


Dermatologists are great with coming up with a diagnosis for what you’re experiencing with your skin. They will prescribe you topical treatments or things that you can take internally to help with your acne – but what if I told you there was someone who could actually help you with your skin, rather than just tell you what it is you’re experiencing.


Estheticians are trainers skincare professionals that work to enhance the skin using various treatments and services. They know how to care for and improve the skin, and can help heal various skin problems.


Do estheticians only focus on acne treatment?

Estheticians are typically known for helping those who experience acne, but they can help with so much more than that. For example some Esthetician's like Teresa Paquin at Anika Skincare are certified in Holistic programs to help acne. This is a great approach that helps clients who have been dealing with chronic acne or clients wanting to preventing acne from getting worse. During your appointment topics that will be reviews in great detail- lifestyle, food, health, medications, supplements et. to fine tune to best way to help clear your acne. Not just giving topicals. In addition regular acne facials and extractions will help clear acne. 

 Anti-aging is a huge market for estheticians because modern technology has made it possible to treat symptoms of aging without using invasive treatments. Botox and cosmetic surgery used to seem like the only options to reverse side effects of aging, but now, there are various treatments you can get from an esthetician  that will provide you with remarkable results – without the physical pain and expensive cost.


Anikabeauty offers quite a few treatments to help with aging, these include:



Many of these treatments are also beneficial for helping with acne and other skin issues. These treatments are designed to help your skin all around, giving you more for your money! If you’re interested in reading more about these particular treatments, check out my blog to see blog posts about each individual treatment.


Minor Skin Imperfections

Some estheticians are even trained to remove minor skin imperfections like milia or cherry angiomas. It helps to be able to find all your skin necessities in one place – an esthetician's office.


Anika Beauty also offers products that can help with natural treating of minor skin imperfections. You can shop based on specific skin concerns on my website. Click the links below for more information:




If you’re interested in finally taking a chance with an esthetician, contact Teresa Paquin licensed Esthetician at 603.595.0224. We promise you won’t regret it!