Finding the Right Skincare Solutions Post-Cancer Treatments

by Chantal McCulligh April 13, 2017

Undergoing cancer treatments is an incredibly difficult process. It's emotionally exhausting, and just as physically traumatizing for your skin.

Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, it tends to be the most vulnerable to suffering post-cancer treatments. Some of the common symptoms many cancer patients experience post cancer treatment include dry skin, darkening of the skin, photosensitivity, rashes, and itchy skin. As such, using the skincare products you’ve always used are very rarely plausible skincare solutions post cancer treatments.

However, there are many skincare solutions that are ideal for sensitive skin post cancer treatments. Anika Beauty offers several premium skincare products infused with beneficial skincare ingredients for previous and current cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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The Ultra Calming Skincare Solutions

Inarguably, some of the gentlest skincare solutions can be found within the Ultra Calming kit from Essential Dermaceuticals. From the cleanser to the toner, serum, barrier balm, and cream, you can tackle all of your skincare concerns without discomfort. The following premium skincare products use 100% natural skincare ingredients to ensure gentle yet effective results.

Within the Ultra Calming Kit, you receive the following skincare solutions.

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Ultra Calming Cleanser for Daily Cleansing

The Ultra Calming Cleanser is a cleanser gentle enough for daily use on even the most sensitive skin. It’s infused with natural skincare ingredients that effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oil without disrupting the barrier of your skin, which is already delicate post cancer treatments.


Ultra Calm Toner for Evening Skin Tone

Many people undergoing or who have undergone radiation therapy and/or chemo experience hyper-pigmentation. This is the darkening of your skin, as a result of the skin cells being damaged during the cancer treatments.

Ultra Calm Toner is designed specifically for people with highly sensitive skin and for post-operative skincare solutions. The natural formula increases hydration levels and supports your skin’s protective layer. This helps eliminate discoloration and discomfort by replenishing those damaged skin cells.


Ultra Calm Serum for Treating Skin Irritations

After cancer treatments, you may experience various forms of skin irritation, such as rashes, inflammation, itchy skin, etc. To make matters worse, these skincare concerns can accelerate the natural aging process.

The Ultra Calm Serum is designed to decrease the level of stress put on your skin post cancer treatments. It’s infused with many anti-inflammatory elements that help alleviate symptoms while also repairing your skin barrier.


Other Skincare Solutions for Repairing Skin Post Cancer Treatments

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Ultra Calm Barrier Balm for Immediate Relief of Inflammation

After undergoing cancer treatments, many people flock to the cortisone cream sections located within their local pharmacies. While cortisone cream is excellent at alleviating symptoms of inflammation, it can often times be too harsh for skin post radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.

The Ultra Barrier Balm is a natural alternative infused with anti-inflammatory components to provide you with immediate relief of symptoms.


Age Defying Eye and Lip Cream for Reducing Irritation on Fragile Areas

For your eyes and lips, you want to use a skincare product specific for such fragile areas. The Age Defying Eye and Lip Treatment provide intensive moisturizing elements that increase the elasticity of your skin while also reinforcing the protective barrier. As a result, this skincare product will reduce irritation, redness, dark circles, and fine lines.


Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum for Repairing Skin Barrier and Alleviating Physical Symptoms

Another effective yet gentle skincare solution for people undergoing or who have undergone cancer treatments is the Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum. Dubbed as the multi-C cocktail, this premium skincare product infuses your skin with the powerful antioxidants it needs to repair post cancer treatments. While repairing the skins barrier, the Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum works to reduce inflammation and other physical symptoms, such as red marks and sun damage.


Cancer treatments don’t have to leave you suffering from irritated and inflamed skin. You just need to the proper skincare products infused with gentle yet highly effective skincare ingredients. Anika Beauty supplies a wide range of premium skincare solutions ideal for sensitive skin, including those who have undergone or who are undergoing cancer treatments. 

Chantal McCulligh
Chantal McCulligh