Excellent SunCare and Skincare to Add to Your SummerThe Essential Dermaceuticals Ferulic C and E Serum: ​​Over time, ultraviolet damage, free radicals, and environmental contributors can accelerate the aging process and lead to discoloration Routine

Excellent SunCare and Skincare to Add to Your Summer Routine

July 15, 2022



Now that the summer season is in full swing, it’s time to update our skincare routines. In the winter, we often need to use thicker moisturizers to make up for the dryness that occurs during that season. However, in the summer months, a lighter moisturizer is often more beneficial and a SPF is a must. Anika Beauty offers a surplus of products to fit in with your routine for every season. But to make it easier for you, we’ll list ones especially good for the summer below.


Essential Dermaceuticals

The Essential Dermaceuticals line offers tons of good skincare to add to your summer routine including but not limited to…


The Essential Dermaceuticals Ferulic C and E Serum: ​​Over time, ultraviolet damage, free radicals, and environmental contributors can accelerate the aging process and lead to discoloration. By adding Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum to your skin routine, you can revitalize your skin while visibly improving your skin's radiance, firmness, smoothness, and complexion. Bonus, this formula protects against blue light damage as well.


The Essential Dermaceuticals Ferulic Acid C and E Firming Creme: This lightweight moisturizer helps to firm the dermal scaffold, stimulate collagen synthesis, and boost resilience. It firms and tightens skin, and improves lines and wrinkles; while also protecting from the effects of photo aging and blue light damage.


Essential Dermaceuticals Hyaluronic Mask: Maximize topical hydration and enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier with this thirst quenching mask that contains water based humectants that attract and bind moisture to the skin. Infused with powerful resilience-enhancing actives, this mask will provide immediate and long lasting hydration; leaving the skin feeling supremely nourished, refreshed, hydrated and balanced. Pro tip- this can be applied very thin all over face and left on under moisturizer.


Essential Dermaceuticals Hyaluronic & Peptide Eye Complex: Eye cream for advanced hydration. And, special peptides to prevent and reduce fine lines.


And if you’re interested, you can shop the whole line here!


Suncare You’ll Love

As we all know, putting on sunscreen is crucial, ESPECIALLY in the summer months when the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest. Not to mention the increase in sun exposure that our skin gets during the summer. Wearing sunscreen can sometimes feel like a burden; with greasy formulas that leave that white cast that no one wants. Thankfully, with Suntegrity suncare, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Suntegrity sun care offers sun protection in many forms, from natural sunscreens, to tinted SPF moisturizers, SPF mineral powders, to a trifecta power mist. Their products are natural, non toxic, and packed with multi-tasking, beauty-boosting antioxidants and non-nano zinc oxide. This line is terrific for sensitive skin types and the no color spf and mineral powder spf are excellent choices for acne skin types.


Check out their products available on our website here!


Essential Summer Skincare

Essential Skincare is another line offered at Anika Beauty that offers plenty of skincare options that would make a great addition to your summer routine.


Some of our favorites are…


The Essential Skincare Acne Safe 35 SPF Moisturizer and the Essential Skincare Mandelic Plus, the perfect product for brightening sunspots. The Essential Skincare Acne Safe SPF is light-weight and has a pleasant vanilla-almond scent. It has a smooth finish that doesn’t leave you with that dreadful white cast. 



Anika Beauty hopes you enjoy that summer sun this year, but make sure to do so with protection! And remember, if you need help building that perfect summer skincare routine, contact Teresa Paquin at 603.595.0224.