Effectively Fight Sun Damage with Ferulic C & E Serum

Effectively Fight Sun Damage with Ferulic C & E Serum

March 24, 2017

Unless you’re in the profession of aesthetics like we are, you likely have no idea what most if not all of the skincare products mean on Anika Beauty. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone and we understand that the technical jargon can be overwhelming for some.

However, that doesn’t mean your skincare regime should take a backseat. You just need a little breakdown of what each product does and more importantly, how each skincare ingredient contributes to providing you with effective results.

So, let’s start with the Ferulic C & E Serum. This is one of our most popular premium skincare products. It works on all skin types and will effectively reduce the appearance of sun damage. 


The creation of Ferulic C & E Serum will amaze you

Our Ferulic C & E Serum skincare product is similar to another popular brand’s product that sells for $167 an ounce. Yes, you read that right.

Skincare products, skincare regime, sun damage, skin conditions, skincare ingredients, ferulic C & EThe difference between their product and our skincare product is that our serum is significantly cheaper without decreasing the effectiveness of it. It gets even better than that.

The scientist who made the other product took all customer complaints and formulated the Ferulic C & E Serum based on the information gathered. In order to address the complains, some additional skincare ingredients were added to ensure that the Ferulic C & E Serum would truly be the ultimate solution.


What is the Ferulic C & E Serum

To explain this powerful skincare product briefly, it’s a daytime serum that’s packed with the skincare ingredients you need to combat sun damage and other skin concerns caused by the environment and natural aging.

We like to call it the multi-C cocktail for your face because it contains Kakadu Plum, which has the highest naturally occurring Vitamin C of any fruit. It’s over 50 times more concentrated than oranges.

When combined with the other skincare ingredients, this skincare serum has the ability to treat various skin conditions while also improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides advanced protection against environmental conditions moving forward. This is incredibly valuable because you simply can’t avoid the pollution, UVA and UVB rays surrounding you at any given time. 

You need treatment and prevention which is exactly what this formula provides. 


The skincare ingredients in Ferulic C & E Serum

There are many other powerful skincare ingredients found in the formula, all of which play a vital part in the benefits and effectivity of the serum. 

Skincare products, skincare regime, sun damage, skin conditions, skincare ingredients, ferulic C & E

  • Kakadu Plums

These delicious fruits are just as healthy for your skincare as they are your diet. They’re packed with 50 times more Vitamin C than oranges. They also contain ellagic acids which have antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial elements, along with anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumour and anti-bronchodilatory activities.

What all of this means is that it isn’t just a skincare cream that’ll replenish your skin. It protects, revives, treats and prevents your skin moving forward.

  • Ferulic Acid

With a name like Ferulic C & E Serum, you can expect the formula to have the powerful antioxidant, ferulic acid, in it. This skincare ingredient is found in the cell walls of various plants, such as wheat, oranges, and apples.

Studies have shown that ferulic acid helps to neutralize free radical and is a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin E, Vitamin, and carotene. Hows that for effective skincare?

  • Emblica

Another skincare ingredient used in this serum is emblica which is derived from the emblica fruit. It’s an antioxidant as well, and helps to reduce skin discolouration while also protecting your skin again photo-damage.

  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

To keep the Ferulic C & E serum lightweight, sodium ascorbyl phosphate was added. It’s a highly effective antioxidant that is water soluble. It helps promote collagen production while also breaking down skin cells that have been damaged by environment elements. As a bonus, it has anti-inflammatory properties which soothes the damaged skin in the meantime. 


With all of these powerful skincare ingredients combined, you get what-we-like-to-call, the multi-C cocktail. It packs your skincare regime with powerful antioxidants, which are needed to provide advanced protection and treatment for sun damaged skin.


So, it’s time to say goodbye to dark spots, skin discoloration, inflammation, and other common skincare concerns. The Ferulic C & E serum is here to save the day – and your skin. Shop Anika Beauty today with confidence, knowing exactly what you’re getting in every bottle.