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Different Types of Acne: What You Need To Know- Anika Skincare

October 12, 2020


Different types of acne, at home skincare routines and proffesional facials - Anika Skincare

The Different Types of Acne: What You Need to Know


            An acne breakout is often the last thing that anyone wants to see when they get up in the morning.  Yet, this is a reality for many people between the ages of 14 to adulthood and beyond. While some teens get acne for a few years and then it clears up, there are many who struggled with it in a lifelong fight. But help is on its way in the form of education!  Well, that, and proper help!


What are the different types of acne?


  • Whiteheads and Blackheads: These are the most common problem for teens. Whiteheads and Blackheads are small, raised bumps on the skin’s surface with a white/black center and don’t have swelling around them. They also don’t tend to be painful, which is a huge relief.


  • Pustules / Pimples: These usually look like whiteheads, but they are larger and tender around the inflamed, red circles around them. These often tend to be filled with a clear, white or yellow pus.


  • Papules: These bumps are under the skin and they are pink or red with some swelling and inflammation around them, too. These usually develop when there are so many whiteheads that there is inflammation caused, creating the perfect environment for papules.


  • Nodules: These are large, raised bumps under the skin and they are often hard to the touch and are very painful. These are due to clogged pores that are laden with damaged tissues and more.


  • Cysts: These are large bumps under the skin that are very painful. These tend to be soft to the touch and can be red or the same color as the rest of your skin. These are considered to be the most severe kind of acne.


            Generally, teenagers are prone to the first 3 types of acne, but there are some who may suffer from either nodules or cysts from teenaged years to adulthood. These latter types of acne are often inherited, but they can develop through improper skincare.


How can facials help treat acne?

            Whether you have traditional teenaged acne or still have it as an adult, a facial could be a wonderful helping hand to getting your skin back to its smooth, healthy self. A facial is a focused deep skin cleansing session that will help clear out your pores, wipe away dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, and help the post staining that you can experience after a breakout. Facials can be customized depending on the grade of your acne. Grade one and two are called acne simplex, while grade 3 and 4 are called acne vulgaris and each are treated professionally in different ways.


  • An LED light therapy facial: these facials help clear up acne-, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria that causes acne and reduce those fine lines while also stimulating new collagen grows in your skin. With regular use this does help collagen, and in turn will smooth and improve acne scarring. They’re also painless, which is a great perk. This service uses visible light wavelengths. NASA was the one to discover the healing benefits of using visible light for the skin. There are some contraindications to having this done. LED Light Therapy Facials are very safe if there are no contraindications. I had a client who had acne pitting type scarring and with regular facials it greatly improved.


  • A microcurrent facial: This uses a painless low electrical current to tighten your skin and tone the facial muscles at the same time. This is extremely safe and popular for anti-aging treatments. But, with advanced equipment like the MD Lift at Anika Skincare I am able to help incorporate this for the acne benefits such as: lymphatic drainage, product penetration. And breaking down hardened collagen that causes acne scarring. Resulting in faster healing, less inflammation and smoother skin.


  • Acne facial: A facial can combination of the above-mentioned things such as Led Light Therapy and Microcurrent Facial as well as deep cleansing and extractions, customized facial peels, depigmentation products and masks. your favorite serums with a massage for best results. Skin will be over all improved. Helping both to clear acne and prevent future breakouts. Consistent homecare skincare routine using the right ingredients for you type of skin and grade acne along with professional facials will help greatly.


What should I know about skincare ingredients?

            When picking the skincare products that you are going to be using for cleansing, enjoying a facial, moisturizing and protecting, there are some great acne-preventing ingredients that you’ll want to make sure are a part of your favorite products. These include:


  • Salicylic acid: Suitable even for sensitive skin, products with this in it will help reduce unnecessary oil production and clean out your pores without drying out your skin in the process. Find in many of the Essential Dermaceuticals products for acne and the Visual Changes Skincare products. Some of my favorites are the Gly Sal Pads, Purify Salicylic Facial Cleanser, Sulfur and Salicylic Lotion (Toner).


  • Exfoliating particles: Over exfoliating can irritate acne but having gentle exfoliating particles in your skincare products will help you to enjoy just that little bit of exfoliation that your skin needs to clog your pores. A very gentle one to check out is called Flower & Lactic Microderm Exfoliator.


  • Hyaluronic acid: This is going to be the long-lasting non-pore-blocking gentle moisturizer that will keep your skin strong and resistant to breakage and scarring even from acne. It is a very lightweight ingredient, too. The key to getting the right skincare formulation is to look for the molecular weight of the product, so it delivered into the skin cells. Hyaluronic acid is naturally in the body, and acts as a moisture magnet. It is used in many advanced skincare products. But again, always look for high quality such as the one we have made for Anika Skincare in small batches. A best seller at Anika’s is the Hyaluronic Acid Complex, by Essential Dermaceuticals. Many acne ingre4dients can be very drying. That is why it is so important to maintain the proper moisture level on the skin. Another important thing to note is never use plant seed oil on active acne, your skin does NOT need any additional oil at this time. Think water based or hyaluronic based types products.







The role of your Aesthetician


            If you’re feeling a little overwhelming at all of this, you aren’t alone!  That’s why a professional aesthetician is going to be your BFF. You’ll be able to enjoy professional help in taking a look at your skin, lifestyle and other things that trigger acne breakouts. After in depth skincare consultation an Aesthetician can recommend a skincare routine with the right ingredients for your type of acne and also if your skin is sensitive. At Anika Skincare I also go over a customized professional plan to help clear your acne and prevent future breakouts.


For those of you in the southern NH or Massachusetts area please give me a call I would be happy to help you. I have over 20 years’ experience as a Licensed Aesthetician. Many of my clients are from all over the local area Nashua, Windham, Pelham, Litchfield, Londonderry, Manchester, Hudson, Tyngsboro being the closest to my Hudson, NH skincare clinic. But I also have clients from all over Massachusetts such as -North Reading and Andover. Very convenient to (93) and easily located on Route #111 (Central St.).

Call 603-595-0024 for appointments. No walk-ins please. I offer appointment only Tuesday through Saturday. And select Mondays.


Teresa's background and education

Teresa Paquin Licensed Aesthetician, Microcurrent Practioner

Teresa has worked in the makeup industry since she was 19 years old. Her education was in Boston and NYC in Film, TV, and Fashion & Beauty makeup. Teresa’s work has been featured in national magazines where she also served as a Beauty Contributor for Allured Publishing in the beauty industry. She was chosen by Allured Publishing to be their Creative Director for several years, creating the covers of their magazines, doing the model makeup, choosing the photographers, models and themes according to their editorial calendar. She has been a freelance Makeup Artist for film, television, weddings, beauty makeovers which included teaching beauty industry professionals’ classes.

In addition to her makeup work, Teresa is a skincare formulator, and NH Aesthetician, where she provides skincare and makeup services for her NH & MA clients and operates an e-commerce beauty store.