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Cherry Angiomas: What are they? How Do I Get Rid of Them - Anika Skincare

July 26, 2020


Cherry Angiomas: What are they? How Do I Get Rid of Them


Cherry angiomas, also known as red moles, are extremely common and develop on your skin in various places, commonly found on your arms, legs, shoulders or torso. They are typically seen in those who are thirty years old or older-- to be more exact, they are found in 5% of adolescents and 75% of adults over 75. We want to help you learn more about them, their cause, and to help you treat them using Radiofrequency 

Thermal Coagulation.


What are they?

They have a red appearance due to a group of small blood vessels dilating and clustering together. These moles can be bright red and acircle or oval shape. They start looking like a small pinprick and can grow to be a little bit larger. Cherry angiomas can be raised or smooth and level with your skin. They may bleed when irritated or itched. 

What is the cause?

These moles are caused when skin cells are overproduced and are often connected with having extra estrogen, copper, or a Vitamin C deficiency--all of which weaken your blood vessel walls. They may be a sign of oestrogen dominance seen normally with PCOS. Multiple angiomas on the torso area may be a strong indicator of PCOS if you also suffer from other related symptoms such as headaches, bloating, heavy periods, constipation or hot flashes.Other causes of cherry angiomas include pregnancy, chemical exposure, skin cancer oreven climate. There may not even be a direct health related cause to them either and are not always harmful. They may increase in size and number the older one may be. It is important to get them checked out for your health to determine whether or not they are dangerous. They do not go away like a pimple on their own, but can be easily treated and removed with the right tool.


How to treat them?

They may not be damaging to your health, but if they can be easily treated and naturallyremoved, why not? At Anika Skincare we use a non-invasive technology solution for common skin imperfections, like cherry angioma, called Radiofrequency Thermal Coagulation. This method uses low radio frequency and high radio frequency. It can be ​used on all skin types no matter what age or color. These moles are usually treated after one or two sessions with us. This is an alternative to laser treatment and will not harm or damage your skin. A small probe is used to contact the skin and vaporize and dry the affected area. This will create small crusts that heal and flake off in 3 to 15 days.


Blog written by Megan Ward

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