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Anika Skincare Tips for Acne - The Clear Skin Diet - Foods that help clear skin Article #4

June 28, 2021

The Clear Skin Diet
Now that you understand what type of acne you might have and established a skincare regimen that works for you, you  might be wondering about any other things you can do to help clear your skin.  Or, maybe you're looking to maintain that clear complexion.  One thing you can start with is making some adjustments in your diet.
While everyone's skin is different and there is no given diet that will guarantee clear skin, there are quite a few foods to avoid that can affect acne.  The following serves as a guideline only-- we don't expect you to eliminate foods or certain foods groups all together, we simply suggest you cut back on some food types and see what happens.  The category labeled " Try to Reduce" is a group of foods that have been proven to  be a problem for most people who suffer from acne, and we have offered some substitutes to these foods.
Try to Reduce Acceptable Substitute
Iodized salt Sea salt, un- iodized salt, Celtic salt
Milk (including organic & especially non fat )  Almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk
Cheese Nut cheese
Whey or soy protein shakes, protein bars

Pea protein, egg white powder, hemp-still check for iodides and biotin before buying ( Vega Sport Performance Protein and Perfect Fit are safe ones)

Soy--tofu, soy milk, tempeh, edamame, soy sauce
Seafood, shellfish ( cod, scallops) Fresh water fish - lake trout, bass, catfish
Spirulina, Chlorella, blue-green algae
Kelp, miso soup, seaweed, seaweed supplements
Vitamins with iodides, iodine, kelp, potassium iodide ( also avoid Biotin and B12)
Foods high in androgens
Peanuts, peanut butter Almond butter, or other nut butters
Peanut oil, corn oil, canola oil Olive oil, coconut oil


 Antioxidant "helper" - foods high in selenium

Brazil nuts

Pinto Beans


Wild- caught salmon


Navy beans




The following are some foods and beverages that help with anti-inflammatory support:



Green Tea ( especially Matcha )

Ceylon cinnamon

Foods high in vitamin B3 : Cremini mushrooms, Tuna, Chicken breast, Fish ( halibut, salmon , sardines) Leafy greens, Asparagus.

Foods high in Omega -3's

Fatty fish


Atlantic mackerel



White fish

Omega 3 enriched eggs


Deep leafy greens, spinach, kale,  watercress


Hemp seeds

Mustard seeds

Brussel sprouts

Winter squash

Navy beans


The following are foods that cause inflammation:

Trans fats: cakes, pie, and cookies


Breakfast sandwiches

Margarine (stick and tub)


Microwave popcorn

Cream filled candies


Overheated fats- baked foods, fried foods at high temperatures

Excess sugar

Omega 6 oils ( most vegetable oils) not enough omega -3's

Known sensitivities ( example - fruit, gluten)

A well balanced low glycemic diet can support all aspects of health, including your skin. The following supplements have been found to be useful in helping with recovery from acne.


 Anti-inflammatory Supplements Information
Zinc Monomethines

This form of zinc is the most available form that acts directly as an anti-inflammatory. Many people with acne have lower levels of zinc in their body.

Supplementing with zinc has been shown to reduce the severity of cysts and inflamed lesions. It has also been shown to be beneficial for helping improve many of the dermatological symptoms in women with PCOS ( Poly Ovary Syndrome)

Omega 3 Fish oils

Fish oil is a great anti- inflammatory and helps to alter sebum production, HOWEVER, only if it's molecularly distilled or pharmaceutical grade. Unfortunately, many fish oil supplements are oxidized which actually creates more inflammation. So, only take it if you are sure about your source.

Gut Health


Probiotics ( I like the brand Metagenics)

These good bacteria that colonize the digestive tract and the skin. They can help people who have been on long term antibiotics ( both oral and topical ). These good bacteria compete with the pathogenic bacteria and can help improve the incidence of breakouts.

Antioxidant Support


The acne prone are generally lower in antioxidants than general population. We recommend getting your anti oxidants from fresh food sources, but here is the RDA for them.

Vitamin A 700mcg- women; men 900mcg

Vitamin C 75 mcg women; men 90mcg

Vitamin E - 15 mg

Zinc 30 mg

N-Acetylcysteine - 100 to 1500 mg

Selenium- 55 mcg ( antioxidant assistant)

Insulin Support


Elevated insulin stimulates androgen production which stimulates more oil and increased sensitivity to androgens effects on the skin. It is best to get insulin support by wise food choices, but here it is RDA.

Berberine 500 to 1000mg

Chromium 150 mcg

Vitamin D 400 to 800 IU


Again, we aren't suggesting that you cut all of these things out of your diet completely.  We are encouraging you to be mindful of the things you are putting into your body and how they might be affecting your skin. By being aware of the foods you eat and how they affect you personally, you can start to make minor adjustments that will help you look and feel your best. And while every person is different, it helps to be educated on foods that have triggered breakouts in other acne suffers.


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