Anika Skincare - New Hudson, NH Location- Near Nashua, Windham, & Londonderry

Anika Skincare - New Hudson, NH Location- Near Nashua, Windham, & Londonderry

May 16, 2020


Anika Skincare & makeup new location. Hudson, NH near Nashua, Londonderry, and Windham

         New Skincare Clinic Location! Facial Treatments and more!


Anika Skincare and Makeup now has a new location! This has allowed me to expand my facial skincare menu, beauty retail products and makeup area. As well as welcome Connie and Anna for Massage therapy services.

Anika Skincare is conveniently located in Hudson NH. Very close to Nashua, Windham. Londonderry, Litchfield and Massachusetts. The new address as of May, 2020 is 238 Central Street (Rte. 111) Unit #1, Hudson, NH 03051.

Currently, because of the Covid-19 restrictions I am offering curbside pick-up for phone or online orders.

The on-line store has a nice selection and options for all skin types. We stock high quality cosmetics, skincare, beauty devices, jewelry, and fragrance. The brands we carry vary from clinical, vegan, natural, organic, non GMO and some being made fresh in small batches.


For the service part of our business see what we can do to help...

Many people have a lot of different common skin concerns such as:

Aging skin- loss of elasticity, age spots, lines and wrinkles

Acne- active break out and blemished skin, hormonal, PCOS conditions. Blackheads, whiteheads, milia.

Sensitive skin- irritated, dry sensitive, combination skin, from auto immune conditions

Sun damaged- discoloration, lines, wrinkles


Other very normal skin imperfections that happen as people age also are:

Fibromas, Sun and age spots, Skin tags, Milia, Spider Capillaries, Cherry Angioma, and Keratosis. Anika Skincare offers a laser alternative that is non- invasive called radio frequency high and low. This is safe for even thin, aging, sensitive skin, and every Fitzpatrick skin type (light to darkest).

All facials are customized. An in depth consultation is given for each person before any services are performed.

Advanced technologies that Anika’s offers for facials are:

Cellumas- LED Light Therapy for Acne & Wrinkles

Light Stim LED Light Therapy for Acne & Wrinkles & Sensitive skin

Radio Frequency – for common skin imperfections. This can be added to the end of most facial treatments or scheduled alone.

Micro current for all skin types including acne.

MDLift Micro current- Excellent for visible anti-aging benefits! This is a very healing noninvasive treatment. Unlike many other spa treatments that injure the skin to stimulate collagen production. Micro current stimulates not only collagen & elastin production, but re-educates the muscle on face and neck. Making the face and neck appear slimmer, smoother, better coloring because of increased ATP.  My signature treatment is a favorite of many. A great choice for Rosacea as well. Calms the skin.

I also incorporate facial peels, Lymphatic drainage, High frequency, and ultrasonic as needed into facial services.

 Massage Therapy Free Cellumas LED Light session with massage for pain . Relax, renew, rejuvinate

New to Anika skincare is the massage therapy services. All one hour or more massages receive a free Cellumas pain panel treatment. We believe in wellness. And, want people to experience as much relaxation as possible during their massage. And, if clients are experiencing aches and pains Cellumas is an excellent way to bring added healing to the body. For this reason, we do not charge for the added service.

Makeup services are still available for makeup lesson, makeup updates, and makeup applications for special events.

I will keep you posted about our re-opening date. As soon as Governor Sununu gives us the approval for safe re-open. Hopefully soon.

Be well and stay safe!

Teresa Paquin

 Teresa Paquin Aesthetician- Makeup Artist - Beauty retailer in shop and on-line


Reminder! We are doing curbside pick -up during the Covid 19 restrictions.

Anika Skincare and Makeup Curbside pick-up for online orders- Hudson, Nashua area

Anika's is all stocked up with high quality beauty brands for face and body.


Anika Skincare and Makeup Luxury high quality brands for face and body- Hudson - convenient to Nashua, Windham, and Londonderry