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Anika Skincare and Makeup- Covid 19 - Keeping it safe for clients

June 15, 2020

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Anika Skincare and Makeup Steps for Safe environment


During these times I am taking extra precautions at the shop to keep it as safe as possible for both clients and staff. Please take a moment to see the new process when coming for skincare or massage appointments. Or, when shopping the retail store or picking up an on-line order by appointment.

  •  All services, shopping and pick up’s are appointment only.
  •  24 hours prior to skincare or massage therapy appointments you must answer NO to all questions for a verbal questionnaire. Or, retail pick-ups. Please see bottom of page.
  •  When you arrive for your appointment please stay in your car and text us that you have arrived.. We will tell you when to come in.
  •  A facial covering is required. When you are ready for you facial appointment, it will be removed, and then you will be asked to put it back on as soon as your service is finished.
  •  When entering you will need to wash or sanitize your hands.
  •  I will not have any product testers out at this time, but you can request when wanting to try.
  •  Only one person per treatment room. Sorry, at this time we cannot have extra people.
  •  We love hands shakes and hugs, but will have to wait until all this is over.


Please read bottom of page. These are the questions you will be asked prior to your appointment.

In addition to the above steps to keep Anika’s as clean as possible. Connie and I will be wearing gloves, facial masks, and I will be also wearing a face shield when performing skincare services. I am using a different brand of hospital grade disinfectant. It is eco-friendly and safer for people, where we will be spraying and wiping everything down constantly I felt this would be safer for everyone. I have special air system that kills viruses, bacteria, and molds that is on 24/7. I will also have gloves on my desk for when you exit, so you do not have to have contact with door knob. These Covid 19  extra steps will be in place until the Department of Health advises us otherwise. Thank you for understanding.



COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire


In efforts to remain open, we require all visitors and/or customers to complete the attached COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If you answer “NO” to all questions you may keep your appointment.


  1. Have you traveled to or had contact with persons who have traveled to any country outside the Continental US within the last 14 days?

Yes    or    No


  1. Have you traveled within the domestic US that has apparent community spreading within the last 14 days? Yes    or    No


  1. Have you had close contact with persons who may have been exposed to COVID 19 in past 14 days? Yes    or  No



  1. Have you had possible exposure in any other way to Covid 19 in the past 14 days?

              Yes or No

  1. Have you had a fever or experiencing cold or flu- like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness and/or difficulty breathing) in the past 5 days? Yes or No


  1. If yes to question 5, have you taken any medication in the past 24 hours for fever? Yes or No


In adults, a temperature reading above 100.4 degrees F suggests that someone has a fever.


If you answer. “YES” to any questions on the screening questionnaire:


All Visitors/ Clients will not be granted access within Anika Skincare and Makeup. If you have an appointment please reschedule 2 + weeks out from your appointment day, thank you.