5 Steps to Sensational Summertime Skin

5 Steps to Sensational Summertime Skin

June 23, 2017

It’s no secret summer can be exceptionally hard on your skin. With the harmful UV rays shining down on you from dusk to dawn, even the highest SPF and biggest sunhat can’t offer full protection. But you only get summer once a year and there’s no way you’re going to miss out on the pool parties and sandy shores. So, what’s a lady to do? With these 5 steps, you can enjoy the season while combating all the skincare concerns that come with the sun.

 5 Steps to Treating all your Summer Skincare Concerns

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1. Trade in your toxic sunscreen for Tizo sunblock

You need sunscreen; there’s no denying that. However, you likely walk into any store and pick up whatever brand has the SPF you desire without thinking much more about it. If you were to turn over that sunblock bottle and check out the ingredients, you would be shocked. While the sunscreen may protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it’s likely clogging your pores and causing many other skincare concerns in the meantime.

So, just like you do with your other beauty products, start paying attention to the ingredients. Stick with premium sunblocks, such as Tzio sunblock, and protect your skin without counteracting your other efforts. This premium sunblock is available by phone order. 

2. Reduce the effects of harmful UV rays

UV rays are still going to come in contact with your skin, despite your best efforts and premium sunblock. So, you need to add in some Ultimate Ferulic C & E serum to reduce the effects of the sunshine.  Every skincare ingredient found in this bottle is natural and effective at repairing your skin’s barrier. Whether it’s fighting off cancer-causing free radicals, combating UVA and UVB rays, or deterring aging by delivering intensive skin revitalizing and collagen synthesize, The Ultimate Ferulic C & E serum does it.


3. Fight off bugs without toxic fumes

After a day at the beach comes a night at the campfire – and the bugs also got the invite. Bug bites are unbearable, so you likely apply whatever bug spray you can get your hands on without thinking about the toxins. Heck, just think about how much you choke every time you apply bug spray. You'll quickly have all the information you need on the harmful ingredients, as the fumes take over your lungs just as much as they do your skin. So, fight off bugs naturally. Tea tree oil diluted in some water is a safe and effective alternative for a natural bug spray. The smell isn’t completely desirable but the bugs don’t like it either.

If you currently have some bug bits, treat them with Barrier Balm, a premium, natural itch relief cream that’s perfect for hives, rashes, itchy bug bites and all the other bothers of the season.

4. Avoid summer acne and bikini breakouts

With all those beach days, you’ll be doing a lot of shaving and with a lot of shaving comes some bikini breakouts. There’s nothing worse than doing your best to look flawless in your swimsuit only to have red bumps pop up on your bikini line. Fortunately, you can prevent them with Gly Sal Pads.

The Anika Beauty team swears by the Gly Sal Pads. We use them post shave on the bikini line and on our skin to clear out pores to effectively fight off summer acne. Between shaving and sweating, this premium skincare product is a must.

5. Keep your skin thoroughly hydrated for optimal beauty

The best beauty tip one can ever get is to keep the skin hydrated. This is even more crucial during the summer months as the heat soaks up the moisture, the sweat clogs up your pores, and the pool chemicals dry up your skin. So, it’s imperative to use a high quality, natural premium skin moisturizing cream.

The Cell Renewal Crème not only hydrates the skin but also improves firmness, lines, wrinkles and coloring. It also fights off cancer-causing free radicals and is infused with antioxidants needed to fight off aging. So, lather up with the premium skincare cream this season.


With these five simple steps, you can take care of all your summer skincare concerns. From clogged pores to sun damage, Anika Beauty has the premium skincare solutions you need.