5 Beauty Products You Should Actually Spend More Money On

5 Beauty Products You Should Actually Spend More Money On

June 12, 2017

Women very rarely think about what they’re putting on their skin. The modern world has subconsciously trained everyone to think that chemicals and harsh skincare ingredients are the only way to achieve the results you want. However, what many fail to realize is although you may get the results you’re looking for, you’re actually doing more damage in the long run. And what’s the point in using beauty products that counteract everything you’re trying to achieve. Unfortunately, those harmful skincare ingredients often come with a smaller price which is why you’ve likely purchased them. But remember ladies, you get what you pay for. While you don’t have to fork over a fortune to receive results, there are some beauty products you should be spending more money on to ensure your health, safety, and results.

 5 Beauty Products You Should Be Spending more Money On


Anti-aging primer prevents and treats your skin

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Primer isn’t always found within everyone’s beauty regime but it should be, as it helps prevent skincare concerns caused from clogged pores. However, not all primers are created equally; you can use primers that prime your skin or use skincare primers that do more.

Our Sormé Fresh Start Anti-Aging primer is way more than just a primer. It’s skincare treatment. It’s not only an under-foundation primer, but also, a makeup enhancer infused with powerful Dermaxyl peptides and antioxidants to stimulate collagen. It also hydrates and firms your skin while protecting it from environmental dangers. 

So, when you consider that you’re receiving a minimum of three premium skincare products in one, the price is actually cheaper than if you were to buy all three separately from a regular brand.


Mineral makeup is the only makeup that won’t grow bacteria

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Throw out your regular foundation and powder because it’s inviting all the bacteria you’re trying to cover up.  Mineral makeup is the only type of beauty product that bacteria cannot grow on. This is crucial because bacteria is what’s causing all those skincare concerns, from acne to premature aging, blackheads, discoloration, etc.

Additionally, mineral makeup lasts significantly longer than traditional beauty products because bacteria can’t grow in it. So, you pay a bit more upfront but you don’t have to chuck it after 6 months like you have to for the other kinds.


Makeup brushes to further the anti-bacteria benefits

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While we’re on the topic of bacteria, we might as well talk about your makeup brushes. It’s easy to assume that these beauty products are just a luxury. After all, you can use your fingers to apply your makeup, right?

Wrong. Using your fingers as makeup brushes will transfer the bacteria from your fingers and onto your skin, in your eyes, mouth, lips – you name it. So, never skip out on the opportunity to have a good, eco-friendly makeup brush set. It'll make your finished makeup look flawless while protecting you from all the things you don't want popping up in your pores. 


Premium face wash that does everything you’re expecting

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If you’re used to buying ‘normal’ skin wash from your local grocery store, think about what it’s actually done for you. Chances are, you haven’t really seen any results; it simply maintains your skin. Even if you do receive clear skin from it, think about what happens when you switch to another product. Chances are, your reasoning for using the beauty product comes back. Then, think about all of the chemicals and harsh skincare ingredients that have been directly linked to causing severe skincare and health concerns, such as pre-mature aging and cancer.

With all things considered, you probably don’t want to risk it – and you shouldn’t nor do you have to. You just have to start using premium face wash that actually treat, prevent, and protect your bodies largest organ – your skin.

So, spend a little more on our exclusive Pure Essentials Skincare line. It's vegan, natural, organic and premium. 


Ferulic Acid for skincare protection against cancer, anti-aging and environmental harm

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We decided to save the best for last. If there's anything you take away from this article, let it be the Ferulic C & E Serum. It's a gentle multi-C cocktail for your skin, infused with all the powerful antioxidants and quality skincare ingredients you need to protect your beauty.

The serum has the power to treat (and combat) sun damage, repair your skin's barrier, reduce inflammation, diminish red marks post-breakout, improve the appearance of dark spots, and much more. That's a whole lot of skincare benefits in one bottle. More importantly, you can't find all of those benefits from generic skincare products. So, protect your skin, health, beauty, and life with Ferulic Acid. It's the world's gift to skincare. 


Remember ladies, you get what you pay for. Start thinking about the skincare ingredients you’re subjecting yourself to every day and the harmful effects they have on your health and skin. The reasons you’re using generic products are likely contradicted by everything in the ingredient list.

So, replace them with premium beauty products. At the very least, add these four beauty products into your daily regime today and finally get what you’re actually paying for at Anika Beauty premium skincare store.