3 Rules to Giving Someone Skincare without being Rude

3 Rules to Giving Someone Skincare without being Rude

May 13, 2017

premium skincare, luxury skincare, gift ideas for her

Premium skincare is a great gift idea the ladies in your life. Every woman desires clean, beautiful, youthful skin, yet they don’t always invest in luxury gifts for themselves. So, giving someone premium skincare as a gift is a great way to give them something they want.

However, there are some rules you have to following when thinking about these gift ideas for her. After all, gifting just any lady in your life with a premium antiaging skincare kit could give off the wrong idea.

premium skincare, luxury skincare, gift ideas for her 


Your relationship with the person is important

The first rule to giving someone luxury skincare is to think about who you’re buying for. In order for these types of gift ideas to be received positively and politely, you must have a close relationship with that person. Think mom, girlfriend or best friend as opposed to boss, acquaintance or estranged in-laws. 

Make sure they've talked with you about their skin

Women talk to one another about their inner, deepest, and darkest secrets and desires. We talk about new wrinkles formed, new skin sagging, and all the skin imperfections we think we have. It doesn’t end there. We then look in the mirrors together, picking, pushing, and clawing at our skin cells and pores as we explain what we wish was different.

If you haven’t done this with the person you’re buying for or haven’t had them discuss their skincare concerns with you, you might want to skip over the luxury skincare gift ideas. The person you’re buying for may be self-conscious about their skin and handing them over skincare could be taken the wrong way.

As for the ladies in your life that you stare into insanely-magnified mirrors with as you peel off a new facial mask and all the dirt, oil, and grime that comes with it, there’s no better person to give them premium skincare than you. You obviously have a close relationship and have shared your secret skin insecurities with one another. So, giving them premium skincare shows that you listen, you care, and you’re one heck of a friend! 

Never gift poor quality skincare

There are several reasons you should never consider cheap gift ideas for her – especially when it comes to skincare. If you pick up some random skincare products form the local department store, your good-intention gift could backfire, as not all skincare lines are created equally. Your idea may have been to clear their skin but cheap ingredients may actually make it worse – and that’s not the kind of “gift that keeps giving” you want to give.

On the contrary, you can trust premium skincare especially when they use 100% natural ingredients.  Since they don’t contain chemicals, people rarely react to the skincare ingredients. Instead, they just reap all the benefits.


Giving luxury skincare as a gift is also way different than picking up some generic, scented creams from the local drugstore. It shows that you’ve taken time to find the perfect gift that will actually provide results.

So, don’t be fooled. You can give skincare without being rude; you just have to follow these three rules. Shop Anika Beauty for the females you’re closest with and you’ll quickly see how excited they are to receive and try new, luxury skincare products.