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Valeur Absolue Vitalité Perfume -Handmade in France

valeur absolue


Family: Citrus, Floral, & Woody

More than a perfume, this fragrance was created to enhance the emotions in your life and promote well-being at the same time. Vitalité uplifts and stimulates with invigorating and energizing fresh citrus and fruity notes. Carefully chosen mandarin and calabrian bergamot essential oils, trace elements magnesium and potassium, and Areaumat Perpetua™, a natural extract of the immortelle flower all help to restore balance and serenity in your life. Semi-precious peridot stones —“gems of the sun,”— are added to symbolize revitalizing energy.

Features and Benefits

  • Featured Aromas: Blackcurrant, Vetiver, Citrus
  • 100% CLEAN: No PCM, Phthalates, CMR, UV filter, coloring agents
  • Carefully created by sensory experts to positively impact emotions
  • Contains semi-precious peridot for their beauty and stimulating energy
  • Handmade in Southern France

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