Valeur Absolue Harmonie Perfume - Handmade in France

valeur absolue



Family: Floral, Musky, & Amber

More than a perfume, this fragrance was created to enhance the emotions in your life and promote well-being at the same time. Harmonie is worn like a long cashmere scarf on a winter’s morning: it is a cocoon of softness and elegance, a bubble of serenity carried by the soothing notes of Earl Grey tea. Carefully chosen essential oils of neroli and sicilian bergamot, trace elements of manganese and potassium, and Areaumat Perpetua™, a natural extract of the immortelle flower, all help to restore balance and serenity. Harmonie is a soothing fragrance with fresh floral, musk, and amber notes. Semi-precious amethyst stones are added to symbolize harmony and tranquility.

Features and Benefits


  • Featured Aromas: Neroli, Bergamot, & Vanilla
  • 100% CLEAN: No PCM, Phthalates, CMR, UV filter, coloring agents
  • Carefully created by sensory experts to positively impact emotions
  • Contains semi-precious amethyst stones for their beauty and positive energy
  • Handmade in Southern France