Olivia Garden EcoHair Combo Vent 2 1/4"

Olivia Garden

You can create stunning styles and help preserve hardwood forests with the Olivia Garden® EcoHair® Combo Vent. This brush is made from eco-friendly bamboo, a 100% natural, renewable resource that’s stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood. A blend of boar and ion charged bristles hydrates the cuticle, adds shine, and eliminates flyaways. The ceramic-coated barrel heats up quickly and retains heat longer for faster, gentler styling. A durable, handcrafted bamboo handle is lightweight and easy to rotate, and features an anti-slip grip. 2-1/4" diameter.

Please Note: Olivia Garden brush handles are made from bamboo, so we don’t recommend soaking them in Barbicide or any disinfectant where they are completely submerged. It could cause the brushes to warp or break. Instead, remove all hair and debris, clean with water and soap, and dry thoroughly. Then, spritz a disinfectant on the brushes, following the manufacturer’s instructions for contact time.

Purpose and Benefits

Combo Vent Collection is a special blend of Ionic & 100% Boar bristles. Ceramic coated barrel heats up faster & retains heat longer. Faster, gentler & better styling.