Two Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients You Wish You Already Knew About

Two Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients You Wish You Already Knew About

March 02, 2017



Skincare is complicated. You have thousands of brands lining the shelves of your local drugstore and even more filling up the screens on your favorite online beauty shops. Every brand claims to be “the best” at whatever it is they’re trying to sell but often times, this isn’t the case. And you want to know why? Because of the ingredients.

The power of skincare is all within the ingredients. While it makes sense that anti aging skincare and plumping ingredients need to be in anti aging products, very rarely do people know what to look for exactly. Since you’ve likely read several blogs talking about avoiding sulfrates and parabens, it’s time for Anika Beauty to break down the skincare ingredients you should be looking for to actually address your skincare concerns. 


Top Two Antiaging Skincare Ingredients

With such a vast selection of skincare products, the list of ingredients just keeps getting longer. It’s tragic what some beauty products sell to their customers. So you need to be aware of the quality ingredients to look for – hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate – both of which can be found well throughout the Anika Beauty collection.


Hyaluronic Acid is Naturally Occurring

If you’ve been looking at high quality skincare products, you’ve likely stumbled across Hyaluronic Acid as one of the main ingredients. That’s because it works! It’s a molecule that occurs naturally in your body, bathing your skin, eyes, hair, joints and nerves which promotes collagen and elasticity. It attracts all kinds of moisture to keep your skin rejuvenated, rich and hydrated. So, it makes sense that this is the ingredient to maintain a youthful appearance and to feel even better. The Hyaluronic Acid Complex is a perfect example of its capabilities, as it’s highly concentrated to give you maximum moisture and restorative properties.


Sodium Hyaluronate is Smart Science

Similar to the prior, high quality skincare products likely have sodium hyaluronate listed as one of the main ingredients. Sodium hyaluronate is similar to Hyaluronic acid, only in water soluble salt form instead of naturally occurring as a molecule. It was created by scientists to lessen oxidization and increase stability; to promote a healthy, youthful appearance which can be found in a bottle of Fountain of Youth. Plus, with a name like that can you really go wrong?


The Difference Between the Two

Both hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate are two anti aging skincare ingredients used interchangeable throughout the beauty industry because they are very similar. Despite both offering amazing solutions to your skincare concerns, there are some key differences….


One is a Plumping Ingredient

Hyaluronic acid is commonly appreciated for its natural ability to attract and maintain moisture in the skin. This allows it to full the spaces in your skin that has it looking droopy, wrinkly, and aged. By correcting these skincare concerns, this ingredient supports the components that make the face full, plump and youthful. 

This anti aging skincare ingredient is often found in anti aging injections and high quality skincare products such as our Cell Renewal Crème.


The Other Penetrates Deeper

While sodium hyaluronate also attracts water and absorbs water effectively, it is a smaller than the molecule naturally occurring in your body (hyaluronic acid). This allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing the benefits that follow. It rejuvenates the skin, acting as a plumping ingredient when applied topically which is why it’s commonly found in serums, such as the Ultimate Ferulic C & E Serum.


In short, hyaluronic acid is already in your body but it decreases with age. Sodium hyaluronate adds it back into your skin, giving you that voluptuous, youthful glow that you really wouldn’t be able to get fully without these two anti aging skincare ingredients. Both are fabulous for achieving flawless and youthful skin. Find the perfect product for your skin type today and take advantage of these powerful anti aging skincare ingredients.