How long will it take to clear my acne? Check out anika skincare and makeup's article in our blog series on acne. It will help you to better understand the clearing process of acne and timelines.

The Timeline of Acne: when will my skin be clear? Article #5

July 09, 2021

One day your skin is blemish-free and the next, you start to notice pimples forming all over your face.  As you clear one blemish, you notice new ones start to appear and before you know it, new blemishes are starting to develop faster than you can get rid of the old ones.  At this point, you realize that you may be struggling with acne.  While mild acne is something that can be treated with just a simple google search and trip to your nearest drug store, moderate to severe acne often requires a visit to a skincare professional. Once you discover that you are breaking out beyond your control, it is time to talk to someone about the steps you need to begin the process of clearing your skin.

Anyone that struggles with acne has one main question in mind: when will my skin be clear?  Everyone's skin is different so there is no golden answer to how long your acne will take to get rid of. Acne can take 30 to 90 days to show at the surface and from there it can take three to nine months to completely clear.  Some people experience acne for years while others are able to get their skin clear within just a few weeks. Acne is different for each person, but it is important to remember that if all depends on your treatment methods and your consistency with treatment.


A solid, consistent skincare routine is crucial in clearing and maintaining clear skin. Once you figure out your routine, it is important that you stick to it and do it every single day. When starting an acne clearing regimen, you may experience purging.  Skin purging refers to your skin's reaction to specific active ingredients that trigger cell turnover.  During the purging  stage. you may experience more breakouts than usual which often leaves people discouraged and feeling like their approach to clearing their skin isn't working. It is important to remember that purging is a part of the clearing process and that you must stick to your routine throughout this phase. In fact, skin purging is usually a clear sign that your treatment is working and sudden increase of blemishes means that the product is successfully increasing the cell turnover rate.  Generally, dermatologist say that purging should be over within 4 to 6 weeks of starting a new skincare regimen. If you are experiencing  purging for longer than 6 weeks, you should consult your skin professional as you may need to make some adjustments to your routine.


Alongside treatment, it is often helpful to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. While most lifestyle activities and foods don't cause acne, there are quite a few that do. Some slight alterations can greatly aid in the clearing process. Be sure to check our The Clear Skin Diet blog to find ut foods you should avoid and any foods that are helpful in achieving glowing and healthy skin.

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