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Syringoma- what is it, what does it look like, and what are possible treatments for it?

May 05, 2021

Syringoma- what is it, what does it look like, and what are possible treatments for it?
Syringoma is a benign growth that is caused by overactive sweat glands. They develop whensweat duct cells in the outer most layer of the skin over grow; forming a tumor-like or abnormal tissue growth. Syringomas most commonly develop on the neck, upper cheeks, and the lower region of the eyes. Occasionally, they grow on the abdomen, arm pit, scalp, belly button, and genitals. Syringomas are most often harmless, however some individuals experience extreme pain and itchiness, especially when sweating. Syringomas are most common in people between the ages of 25 and 45, especially Caucasian women and people of Japanese heritage.
Syringomas are small firm bumps that are relatively one to three millimeters wide. They grow in small groups and typically are yellow, brown, pale pink, or skin-toned. Syringoma clusters are usually symmetrical, so the same group or pattern can often appear on both sides of the body int he same place. Aside from the appearance of them, there are typically no adverse side effects associated with syringomas. It remains a good idea however, to reach out to your doctor if you notice a development in skin growth or notice any change in size, shape, or texture to an existing growth.
The most common start of treatment for benign skin growths is medications, as they have a low risk of complications, such as scarring, tissue damage, and infection. The most common medications used to treat syringomas are:
●Topical or oral retinoids
●Topical atropine
The only effective way to completely get rid of these growths is surgery, so they are usually only brought to medical attention when they cause troublesome symptoms. If medical treatment is necessary, there are a few different types of surgery that are used to treat syringomas.
Laser surgery
- laser therapy is the preferred treatment option for syringomas because it reduces the risk of scarring and infection. This treatment uses visible and invisible red light waves that are sent through a laser and aimed at the syringoma. It is the most effective way because oftentimes it only takes a single laser procedure to remove the growth entirely.
- electrical currents are concentrated and sent through the syringoma, and these
currents destroy the abnormal tissues and damaged blood vessels. This is another treatmentoption that does not leave a noticeable scar and similar to laser surgery, it typically only takes a single session to remove the syringoma completely.
- surgeons use chemicals such as liquid nitrogen to freeze off the syringoma.
Dermabrasion- doctors use a diamond-encrusted wheel or fine metal wire to even out the top layers of the skin. This procedure is not common for syringoma treatment because syringomas are rooted deep in the skin.
Chemical peels
- trichloroacetic acid can be applied directly to the syringoma, causing it to dry
up and fall off. When done by a trained professional, chemical peels often do not cause scarring.
Surgical excision
- some cases of syringomas require removal using traditional cutting, scraping,
and peeling instruments. Surgery is a last resort option due to the inevitability of scarring andtissue damage. Excision is sometimes the only option for papules that are embedded deeply in the skin. Surgeons use sutures or stitches to close the open wound.
Anikabeauty offers a few products and one treatment that can help with syringomas. The Mandelic Plus is a product that helps with acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds and is different from other acids because it has a larger molecule. Because of this, people often experience much left irritation. Mandelic Plus has antibacterial properties that clear pores to prevent the recurrence of acne, breaks up discoloration caused by sun damage, and encourages exfoliation and reduces fine lines. The Skin Renewal PM Advanced Resurfacing Serum encourages cellular turnover and skin renewal, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots, while also addressing acneic or oily skin. You will see immediate results of smoother, more radiant looking skin overnight. The Gly Sal Gel uses maximum power to keep follicles clear and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. With this product you can effectively control bacteria in the skin and fight against acne and other undesirable skin
The Radiofrequency Thermal Coagulation treatment is a non-invasive solution that can treat common skin imperfections.This is a non-invasive solution that can treat common skin imperfections. This treatment uses both low radio frequency and high radio frequency to treat all skin types on epidermal skin imperfections. A small probe is touched lightly on the skin and vaporizes and dries the affected area creating a small crust that will heal and flake off in three to fifteen days. Permanent results are often seen after just one treatment with no downtime and very little discomfort. It is safe, non-invasive technology that can be used on mature or sensitive skin, and all skin types/ethnicities.
The best way to prevent syringomas is to exfoliate on a regular basis, use astringents, and use therapies that aim to reduce or limit activity in the sweat glands. You should also avoid and protect the skin against environment and chemical stressors such as UV rays.