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Radio Frequency to Help Treat Minor Skin Imperfections

August 09, 2022

Radio Frequency to Help Treat Minor Skin Imperfections


There is a plethora of things that can fall under the category of “minor skin imperfections.” It can range from something as simple as blackheads on the skin to something more problematic and harder to treat like cherry angiomas.


We do, however, have a little secret to offer you about how you can help treat almost any minor skin imperfection.


The secret is… radiofrequency.


What is radiofrequency?


During the process of radiofrequency, only the top layer of skin is treated, leaving the lower level unaffected. A small probe is used to barely touch the skin which vaporizes and dries the affected area creating very small crusts that will heal and flake off within 3 to 15 days.


Typically, only one or two sessions is needed, and permanent results are often seen after just a single treatment.


Radiofrequency is safe, non-invasive, and can be used on mature, sensitive, and all skin types and ethnicities. It also has no downtime and very little discomfort.


You can read more in-depth about radiofrequency here.


Clean. Clear. Effective.


The brand used at Anikabeauty for radiofrequency is called ThermoClear. The. System allows you to treat unwanted skin imperfections in a short period of time with minimal discomfort.


The benefits of ThermoClear include:


  • No down time / minimal scabbing
  • Treatment only on skin imperfections area applied
  • Quick treatment lasting only a few seconds
  • Only effects epidermis layer
  • Instant and long lasting



What skin imperfections exactly, does radiofrequency treat?


The skin imperfections it can treat include small spider capillaries, cherry angiomas, milia, acne, and skin tags. It can also help treat sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, cholesterol deposits, sunspots, and age spots. But don’t worry – we’ll go over these more in depth.


Fibromas: these are typically benign tumor-like growths made of fibrous connective tissue.


Keratosis: a common benign skin growth that tends to appear in middle age and may appear more as you get older.


Skin Tags: small, noncancerous growths that form on the skin when rubbed against itself.


Milia: tiny white bumps on your skin that typically appear on the nose and cheeks and are formed when keratin becomes entrapped beneath the outer layer of the skin.


Sun and Age Spots: cause by overactive pigment cells – when UV light speeds up the production of melanin, age spots can appear as the melanin becomes clumped or if it’s produced in high concentrations


Cholesterol Deposits: occur when cholesterol builds up under the skin


Spider Capillaries: multiple broken capillaries in the same area – broken blood vessels can vary in size.


Cherry Angiomas:  red moles that can develop in many areas of your body. The collection of small blood vessels gives them the reddish appearance.


If you are interested in reading more about cherry angiomas specifically, check out this blog post discussing what they are and how you can get rid of them.



Anika Beauty uses the most up to date radio frequency technology. This treatment utilizes both low and high radio frequency waves to treat all skin types that are dealing with epidermal skin imperfections.


If you are bothered by any of the skin imperfections described above, and desire a non-invasive, laser alternative – radiofrequency can help treat your skin imperfections, possibly in just a single session. Contact Teresa today to schedule an appointment or quick evaluation! 603.595.0224