Preventing & Treating Sun Damaged Skin

Preventing & Treating Sun Damaged Skin

March 29, 2023

There is nothing better than a long day of sitting in the sun and soaking in that Vitamin D. But there is also nothing worse than getting a painful sunburn from that same activity. A little sun never hurt anybody, but it’s the excessive exposure and lack of protection that can lead our skin down a bad path.


As sunlight hits your skin, it starts to damage healthy cells. When you were sun protection, this damage can be avoided but if you fail to do so, this damage can build up.


How do you know if you have sun damage?


Sun damage can reveal itself in a few different ways including freckles, age spots, and wrinkles. Some people experience more serious cases of sun damage and develop precancerous skin growths, skin cancer, or even both.


However, skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers—it all starts with sun care prevention and protection. If you’re interested in learning about the best products to implement in your sun care prevention routine, check out our latest blog. To learn more about sun damaged skin… read on!


Ways to prevent sun damaged skin


One of the most obvious ways to prevent sun damaged skin is to stay out of the sun. But we know that isn’t all that realistic… especially for our fellow heliophiles. And for anyone who doesn’t know what that means, it is a lover of the sun! ☀️


Anyway, whether you love the sun or not, you should be limiting your sun exposure especially between the hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. An easy rule of thumb to follow is the shadow rule: if your shadow appears to be shorter than you, the sun’s rays are at their strongest and you should favor the shade.


It is also important to always protect your skin with an SPF, even if its cloudy! Those sun rays can be sneaky, and they are still powerful even through the clouds. Make sure the SPF you choose is 30 or higher, that way you have optimal protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.


As mentioned in our previous blog post, some great SPF options are Suntegrity, Tizo, and SPF 35 Acne safe – all available to shop on our website.


Ways to treat sun damaged skin


If you are experiencing signs of sun damaged skin, there are some products and treatments that you can use to help lighten the damage.


  1. Mandelic Pads – This product is great for both mature and acneic skin types. It helps remove bacteria, control sebum production, clear pores, reduce pigmentation, rejuvenate dull skin, and reduce wrinkles.


  1. Mandelic Plus – This product has antibacterial properties, regulates sebum production, and breaks up the discoloration caused by sun damage, PIH, and hormones.


  1. Ferulic C and E Serum – This product protects the skin from blue light damage while also revitalizing, smoothing, and evening the complexion of your skin.


  1. Illuminating Facial Cleanser – This cleanser is recommended for anyone experiencing pigment concerns. This daily wash contains four powerful skin illuminators that target lack of uniformity which can dimmish a radiant, equalized complexion.


Anikabeauty also offers LED Phototherapy that can help treat sun damaged skin. The wavelengths of light work to reduce overall redness and skin damage, as well as a long list of other benefits. Read more about LED light therapy here.


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