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Makeup Tips for Upturned Eyes by Anika Skincare & Makeup

February 16, 2022



Makeup Tips for Upturned Eyes


Different eye shapes require different makeup looks that accentuate your features. One eye shape that we will be talking about today is upturned eyes. Upturned Eyes is an eye shape that people often try to mimic in their makeup looks without even realizing it. The classic look of winged eyeliner is actually the same shape as upturned eyes. Same with smoky eyes. These tips will help those with upturned eyes naturally accentuate and embrace their unique and beautiful eye shape.


Tip #1

We suggest changing up the traditional smoky eye look a bit. The goal here is to help balance out the natural shape of your eye. Try this eye makeup look by creating a thin line along the lower lash line with an eye pencil then gradually begin to smoke out the outer corner, kind of like a wedge. This will look like a thin line in the inner corner that gradually grows thicker as it reaches the outer portion of your eye.

For this look we recommend the following product: Bodyography Eye Pencil or Blinc liquid eye liner or gel




Tip #2

Tightline eyeliner is a great way to balance out upturned eyes. Try applying a light color like white, nude, or a soft brown to your tightline. This will appear to open up your eyes and help emphasize that natural cat-eye shape. Eye pencils are perfect for this technique.

For this look we recommend the following products: Mirabella Beauty Eye Definer or Mirabella Magic Marker, Blinc gel eyeliner,

Bodyography Gel EyeLiner Duo, Bodyography Eye Pencil (offered in multiple different shades including black walnut, virgin, bali bronze, midnight blue, black magic, and deep violet)




Tip #3

A little shadow in the crease goes a long way. If you’re somehow who loves a bold eyeshadow look, then this one's for you. Applying eye shadow through the crease is good for people with this eye shape, however try to avoid elongating the eye with a V-shaped shadow edge at the corner.

For this look we recommend the following products: Bodyography Duo Expression Eye Shadow , Pure Cosmetics eye shadow kits, or The Balm eye shadow kits .



Tip #4​

Have a little fun with light and dark shades. To enhance your upturned eye shape we recommend trying to use both light and dark hues. You can do this in an ombre effect by applying the lighter color on the first half of the lid, blending into the darker shade on the outer corners of your eyes.

For this look we recommend the following products: Eye Love you Eyeshadow Collection



Tip #5

Highlighter is a girl's best friend. It is a great way to accentuate and brighten areas of the face. We recommend using a small amount of highlighter in the inner corner of your eye, close to the bridge of your nose. White eyeshadow will also work just as well if you don’t own a highlighter.

For this look we recommend the following products: Bodyography Inner Glow StickHighlighter, The Browgal Highlighter/Concealer Duo Pencil or The Balm Mary lou manizer



Tip #6

False lashes are a very popular makeup product right now and you’re probably wondering if you can still rock falsies with an upturned eye shape. The answer is yes as long as you apply them in the right spot. We recommend focusing on the center of the eye, not the corners. This will even out the lashes and allow them to sit better on the upturned eye shape.

For lash products we recommend: GrandeLASH - has a thickening mascara, lash conditioner, and a lash enhancing growth serum



Tip #7

Winged eyeliner is a staple makeup look, and it is for good reason. It helps to accentuate your natural eye shape, especially for those with upturned eyes. Play around with different colors and thicknesses, and maybe even add a little sparkle.


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