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Facial Masks, Skin Irritation, Acne breakouts, blemishes- help avoid these things by using simple steps

May 20, 2020

facial mask_ skincare tips_ reducing acne breakouts_ blemishes_ repair skin barrier_skin irritation-Choosing the right skincare ingredients -facail tips by anika skincare

Today with all the Covid 19 requirements many people are having to wear facial covering for long periods of time at work. And, going into any public places.

Here are a few tips of how to take care of your skin to prevent acne breakouts and other skin irritations that can happen with wearing facial covering for long periods of time.

First make sure that you are cleaning your skin two times a day with an appropriate facial cleanser. Not, only cleansing one time, but doing a double cleansing. Avoid using disposable cleansing wipes that leave ingredients on the skin. I do enjoy some of the facial cleansing cloths that only require water, but when cleasning after a facial mask I do not recommend, Use a simple soft wash cloth with a facial cleasner for you specific skin type.

For example if your skin runs dry and had eczema tendencies, use an anti- inflammatory milky type of a cleanser. If you are normal to oily or prone to pimples and congested skin, then use a facial cleanser that had some mild blend of alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid. For normal to oily skin type of acneic skin you can also use exfoliating pads. Preferably in the evening after you are done wearing a facial mask for the day.

Second- If wearing a cloth mask. Please wash it at end of every day. during the day especialy for long periods of time this will get dirty.

I actually found a company online Sonovia by accident when shopping for material to make masks and would like to let people know about this wonderful technology.The  fabric actually kill bacteria and viruses on contact. The advanced technology fabric is being used in hospitals globally. The fabric is an anti-pathogen fabric that protects the wearer. Normally with most masks prevents the wearer from infecting others. I did purchase a Sonivia mask one for myself and husband. And, later learned they come in different sizes. I find they are very comfortable and light weight to wear. Quickly can hand wash them and are dry very fast. I have also not had any skin breakouts with this material. I do not sell these masks but feel it’s a great technology and company. I will include a highlighted link to check them out more if you want to. There are also US compnaies that are developing fabric like this as well. Whne they will come to market I am not sure. 

Let's get back to the skincare routine...

After you have doubled cleansed your skin, next step is finding the right moisturizer. If you tend to be irritated or dry from wearing mask. Work on improving the moisture and skin barrier. One ingredient I do like in skincare formulations is called ceramides. This helps to repair the damaged skin barrier. Here are a few picks that I like for this – Ceramide topical capsules. If the skin is red, irritated you can also use calming ingredients found in the Ultra Calm Crème.

If the facial mask did cause a few active break outs. Try applying a spot treatment or the very popular skin clearing 10% by Visual Changes Skincare at night to the broken out areas only. An alternative if you do not like spot treating your blemishes are these beauty devices that help clear acne breakouts.On clean dry skin use the Oxyderm which is germicidal and will kill the bacteria that causes acne or LightStim blue LED light therapy handheld for acne. If using these devices you can then apply a spot treat if desired or your facial moisturizer.

If you are taking the time to do these simple things everyday your skin is much less likely to have these concerns. 



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