eye makeup tips from Licensed Aesthetician and makeup artist Teresa Paquin at Anika Skincare and Makeup in Hudson, NH eye makeup tips to give you an instant lift

Eye makeup tips to give you an instant lift!

March 12, 2022


Eye makeup trick to give you that instant lift


Makeup is one of the most effective techniques to highlight your greatest characteristics without permanently altering your appearance. Learning how to apply techniques that best compliment your face is crucial to nailing your makeup day after day and gaining that boost of confidence that comes with feeling comfortable and happy in your own skin.


Because it's natural for skin to droop and fine wrinkles to appear as you get older, altering your makeup regimen to match can provide the appearance of a facelift without actually going through any painful surgeries. These are the greatest techniques to improve your complexion and elevate your face for a perfect look on a daily basis.


Technique 1: Blend your makeup up and outward!


Technique 2: Learning your eye makeup shape can be very helpful in creating that lifted look. Use a darker shade on the outer corner and blend with upward strokes to form the illusion of a face lift. If you put the darker shade in the inner corner, it will close your eyes in and to achieve the look we want, you should make sure to blend up and out.


Technique 3: To get the same effect as a cat eye wing you can drag and blend the dark shade upward where the corner of your lid is. This helps focus attention towards your temple which gives the face a natural effect that looks lifted.


Technique 4: Another eye lift trick is to use some dark eyeshadow or an eyeliner on the outer top lash line. Using a soft liner, you can lift the outer corner of the eye just enough to give you that perfect rise of the face. A softer and blended look helps add a subtle lift to your already beautiful appearance.


Technique 5: A defined contour can help solidify the face lift look. Contour helps the face look more angular and draws the eyes upwards as well as everything else.


Technique 6: The effectiveness of a natural facelift is all about blending the face properly. Add a little bit of product at a time to achieve a more natural finish.


Technique 7: Confidence is key and what you feel most comfortable in is what will flatter you the most. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear and when you feel good in your own skin, other people will see it. If these techniques don’t feel right to you then make sure to do what you think will be best for you. You don’t need makeup to feel beautiful, but when you want that extra something, always remember to blend up and out!


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