Best skincare ingredients for helping melasma. Anika skincare goes through helpful ingredients in this prat 2 blog.

Best skincare ingredients for treating melasma

May 13, 2022



Best skincare ingredients for treating melasma


If you are experiencing melasma, you should start your treatment by avoiding all things that could make your condition worse. You can do this by avoiding excessive sun exposure, tanning beds, LED screens, irritating scented soaps, and hormonal birth control. Be sure to wear an SPF of at least 30 when exposed to the sun and apply every two hours.


There are also specific skincare ingredients that are proven to help with melasma. These include:

  1. Mandelic acid: this ingredient breaks up the hyperpigmentation without creating inflammation. It can have a lightening effect on dark spots.
  2. Niacinamide: this ingredient works to hydrate the skin, fade hyperpigmentation, promote skin elasticity, and fight free radicals. It can also decrease any redness and blotchiness
  3. Retinol A: this ingredient causes skin cells to turn over, which starts the process of removing any pigmented cells that may be there. This gets rid of dark spots as your skin can replace the cells with normal pigment.
  4. SPF: sun exposure is a common trigger for melasma and can cause hyperpigmentation to get darker. Wearing sunscreen can help prevent melasma from appearing in the first place but can also help hyperpigmentation from getting worse.
  5. Vitamin C: vitamin c inhibits one of the most common skincare ingredients to treat pigmentation, tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that helps the body make pigment, it can also lighten the skin.


Product Recommendations


Anikabeauty offers many products that contain the above ingredients to help treat melasma. The recommended products are the following:




With the right precautions, melasma can be avoided, but lucky for anyone who experiences it, it can also be treated. If you are someone who suffers from melasma, try incorporating some of these key ingredients and products into your daily skincare routine.


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