Anika Skincare On-Line Beauty Store - Free Ground Shipping !

Anika Skincare On-Line Beauty Store - Free Ground Shipping !

April 06, 2020

During this time with social distancing and concerns with Covid - 19 Virus

Anika's is offering you free ground shipping on any size on-line order.

If you have any questions about what kinds of products are best for your skin or any other product related questions please contact me at 603-595-0224 or on the contact form on the website. offers several different brands of skincare ranging from advanced clinical skincare to natural, organic, non GMO and vegan options for cosmetics and skincare, and sun protection. Beauty devices such as high frequency, LED Light therapy handhelds, and cleaning devices. Aromatherapy, and jewelry. Clean non toxic fragrances and dry body oils. 

If there is a beauty product that you use purchase from my shop at 238  Central St. in Hudson, NH. and you do not see this on the website I can still include with your order. Please contact me here. And, I can create an online invoice or take information over the phone.

Examples of products not listed on site- TIZO 3 sunscreens, Cellex C products.

Hoping you stay safe and healthy!


Kind regards,


Teresa Paquin

Licensed Aesthetician- Makeup Artist

Microcurrent Practitioner