Anika Skincare Now Offers Rezenerate Nano Infusion Facial Treatments!

Anika Skincare Now Offers Rezenerate Nano Infusion Facial Treatments!

February 01, 2020

Anika Skincare and Makeup is now offering the Rezernate Nano Infusion Facial treatment! Learn more below. To schedule an appointment call 603-595-0224. Anika's is located right over the Nashua bridge at 3 Central Street, in Hudson, NH. 


Rezenerate Nano Infusion Facial Treatment:

A perfect Micro needling alternative

Rezenerate is a non invasive anti aging treatment that utilizes nano technology to create thousands of micro permeations on the skin for deeper product penetration of customized serums and nutrients. A perfect skincare treatment for most skin types who want to gently exfoliate, stimulate collagen, reduce fines lines, soften wrinkles, brighten complexion, hydrate and visibly plump the skin. Excellent for around delicate eye area and lip area, reducing lines in a gentle way. The medical grade ingredients Anika Skincare uses are customized for each individual and include- Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, plant stem cells, growth factors, peptides and more to address your specific skincare concerns. This treatment can be done every 7 days if doing in a weekly series. Or, every 2 to 4 weeks for maintence treatments. Rezenerate also works very well with LED light Therapy, and Microcurrent Facials.


  • One hour Rezenerate Nano Infusion treatment - $135.00
  • Add on -LED Light Therapy ( Photobiomodulation) $ 50.00 – Anika offers Pulsated and Non Pulsated depending on skin type.
  • Add on- Non Invasive Face & Necklift Microcurrent $90.00
  • Combine all three modalities $265.00


Common questions about Rezenerate Nano Infusion

Is this micro needling?

No, Rezenerate is its own modality. Micro needling is a medical treatment while Rezenerate is a cosmetic facial system. Micro needling uses steel acupuncture needles in a cluster to repeatedly pierce the skin, striking nerves and other areas potentially causing pain and discomfort, bleeding, prolonged downtime, etc. The Rezenerate NanoFacial will give you none of these negatives.

What is the Rezenerate Tip made out of?

Our Rezenerate ‘True Blue’ Tip is made from a top secret proprietary process utilizing mono-crystalline silicon that is etched into an array of pyramid shaped Nano-structures via advanced semiconductor technology. The base of each of the pyramids on the array has a diameter of less than 1/3 that of a single strand of human hair and the tip has a diameter of 1/10,000th of a human hair. Thereby being the only system on the market meeting the scientific threshold required to be considered nanotechnology.

Does it hurt?

The Rezenerate NanoFacial is non-invasive and causes no pain. It is a cosmetic facial, NOT a medical procedure. Numbing cream is NOT needed for a Rezenerate NanoFacial.

How often can I get a Rezenerate NanoFacial?

It depends on your goals for your skin.  For improvements on specific indications, it is recommended to get a Rezenerate NanoFacial every 7 days or so. For regular skin care maintenance, 10-14 days between Rezenerate NanoFacials is a popular frequency.