5 Steps to Remove Blackheads Properly: Ultimate Skincare Routine

5 Steps to Remove Blackheads Properly: Ultimate Skincare Routine

March 16, 2017

If those blackheads are weighing down your complexion, it’s time to change up your skincare routine. Unfortunately, not all skincare products are created equally. If you’re serious about improving your skin and getting rid of blackheads, you need to be serious about the beauty products you’re using.


Read our blog post on how to get rid of blackheads for good and learn why the following is the ultimate skincare routine for blackheads. Take it from a professional who has helped thousands of men and women erase the black-filled pores from their complexion.


Step 1: See Visual Changes with a Gentle Wash

Visual Changes is an excellent skincare line for all types of skin. Swap out your current face wash for their Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. It’s a natural foaming gel that cleans, nourishes, calms, and soothes the skin while also removing dead skin that is causing your pores to close. 

This gentle face wash contains all natural ingredients to ensure you’re getting all of the good stuff, and none of the bad.

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Step 2: Tone Your Complexion with Essentials Dermaceuticals

The second step on how to get rid of blackheads is to use the Sulfer & Salicylic lotion. This quality skincare product will help get rid of blackheads, as it combines BioSulphur and Salicylic Acid together. These are two ingredients that are absolutely vital to removing blackheads and keeping them gone.

Click here to learn more about how and why they work to remove blackheads.


Step 3: Swipe Down Blackheads with Gly Sal Pads

We like to describe Gly Sal Pads as being similar to the little round pads soaked with stinging chemicals you used as a pre-teen when you had no idea what type of skincare to use. Certainly, we can all relate to that moment.

Gly Sal Pads are incredibly effective and are packed with the elements you need to get rid of blackheads. It’s quite powerful. So, it’s recommended to only use this step to remove blackheads once or twice a week. More importantly, it is not recommended for sensitive skin types because it is so strong and effective. If you tend to have sensitive skin, skip over this step and head onto the next.


Step 4: Remove Spots Instantly with a Drop

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The Instant Spot Remover is a great way to remove blackheads and zits. It contains the Sulphur you need to combat blackheads and redness without being too harsh on the skin.

The secret is to let the solution settle – don’t shake – and then dip in a Q-Tip. Dab onto the spot where your blackheads are taking over, and go to sleep. By morning, your spots will be gone and blackheads will be dissolving.

If you do use it in the morning, you’ll have to rinse it off. So, we like to recommend using it at night for convenience.


Step 5: Use a Clay Mask

Lastly, apply a clay mask once or twice a week. Any clay mask will do as long as you pay attention to the ingredients. We recommend Bioelements Restorative Clay as it helps to improve skin texture, absorb excess oil, and refines pores.  It’s also dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating. So, all skin types can enjoy it’s power.  


And there you have it! Make this your new skincare routine and prepare for results. To maximize on the quality skincare products mentioned, read up on how to get rid of blackheads for good. Don’t forget to subscribe to Anika Beauty for skincare secrets, beauty tips, and quality skincare product giveaways.