5 Powerful Ways to Improve your Lymphatic System for Optimal Health and Beauty

5 Powerful Ways to Improve your Lymphatic System for Optimal Health and Beauty

August 05, 2017

Why the heck is Anika Beauty talking about the lymphatic system?

I know what you’re thinking – Anika Beauty is a luxury skincare and premium beauty store, not a science class from the past. But just stick with me for a moment because your lymphatic system has a lot to do with your overall health and beauty.


What is the lymphatic system?

There’s no better place to start than this question – what is the lymphatic system. It’s one of the major circulatory systems in the body that removes dead cellular debris and reuses immune cells through the body.

To put it in other words, the lymphatic system is like a series of drains running throughout your body. If those drains get clogged, a buildup of particles and toxins begins, which then becomes a breeding frenzy for bacteria which increasing your risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases.


Warning signs of a poor lymphatic system

Since it’s hard to see what’s going on inside of your body without a trip to the New Hampshire or Boston hospital, it’s important to know the warning signs. Skin concerns is one of them, along with headaches, bloating, stiffness, swelling, etc. Now it’s starting to make sense why I’m talking about the lymphatic system, isn’t it?


How to treat symptoms of a poor lymphatic system

Fortunately, there are various ways you can help treat the symptoms of a poor lymphatic system, especially if you’re experiencing skincare concerns. Here are seven of the best premium skincare solutions everyone should take advantage of in an effort to improve their health. As a bonus, your natural beauty follows en suite.  


1. Try an ATZEN LymphMed Facial

Anika Skincare & Makeup  in Hudson, New Hampshire offers various premium skincare solutions and services, with ATZEN LymphMed facials being one of them. This skincare treatment cleans and unclogs your lymphatic system while also adding in the antioxidants, botanicals, extracts, and nourishing elements found in the skincare products back into the skin. It’s like a gentle, relaxing massage that cleanses and invigorates your skin, while also improving your lymphatic system. As a result, you get optimal health and beauty, with this type of facial. So, come visit me at my spa in Hudson, New Hampshire. 


2. Get your botanicals and essential oils in

As the creator of a vegan, organic, cruelty free skincare brand, it should come to you as no surprise that I strongly suggest natural ingredients to treat all skin concerns. However, with regards of detoxifying your lymphatic system, it's all about the herbs. These simple ingredients can help remove the toxins causing you to clog up. Here are some of my premium skincare suggestions:

  • Ultra Calm Peel - Ultra Calm Peel is a unique, versatile layering enzyme derived peel solution that immediately lifts skin cells for a quick polish and regenerating effect. Infused with Pineapple and Papaya based enzymes, L-Lactic, Acetic and Salicylic Acid, this 4.0 pH peel helps smooth and even skin tone appearance and texture.
  • Flower & Lactic Microderm Exfoliator is a dual manual and acid-based scrub that loosens and dissolves devitalized cells exposing a more youthful appearance. Mild Flower Acids improve the barrier function and hydration of the skin resulting in smoothing, improved clarity and uniformity of tone. At the dermal level AHA favors an increase of collagens and glycosaminoglycans leading to the softening of fine lines. Jojoba encapsulated microspheres exfoliate with a DNA fortifying blend of botanical extracts that supports the skin’s ability to renew and resist environmental aggressors. Skin will feel silky smooth and appear more radiant with each application
  • Anti- Aging Soothing Cleanser -  is a hydrating , replenishing cleanser safe for all skin types and is especially good for damaged, sensitive, normal and combination skin. Not only does it leave your skin soft, smooth, clean and nourished as it removes impurities, it also delivers superior anti-aging benefits. This formula includes DMAE, a superior anti-aging ingredient, that provides anti -inflammatory benefits to help firm and tone the skin, leaving it radiant and smooth. In addition the aloe, lavender, calendula, white and rooibos teas provide a powerful mix of antioxidants that nourish the skin.


3. Start dry skin brushing to strengthen cell functions

Improving your lymphatic system is as simple as using a dry skin brush to kill bacteria, increase skin metabolism, promote healthy cell function, healing and strengthening. The OxyDerm High Frequency clearing tool also is an excellent skincare solution that can be used on both your face and your body, and involves a technique that boosts lymph flow.  It’s also a great way to tackle any uncomfortable symptoms or surface blemishes. #DoubleWin


4. Sweat it out

Sweat is an excellent way to eliminate toxins from your body. So, participate in a hot yoga class or jump in a sauna to take the toxins out from your organs and to remove them through your pores. Just be sure to follow up your sweat session with a quality facial cleansing pads such as the Gly Sal Pads, along with a body scrub to ensure those toxins don’t get stuck on your skin’s surface.


5.  H20

Hydration is the most important step to optimal health and beauty. It keeps your organs working efficiently, your lymphatic system flowing freely and your skin glowing and youthful. You just can’t go wrong. So, drink approximately 8 glasses of purified water every day. It’s the most affordable skincare solution and doctor prescription you’ll ever get.


Take care of your lymphatic system and everything else will follow en suite.  Shop Anika Beauty for all your premium skincare needs to keep things clean well throughout your health and beauty regimes.